Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To have a schedule.

Schedules.  Why are they so feared by some people?  I like a tad bit of order to the chaos of the day.  Its not like they are concrete things that cannot be flexible....

I enjoy my schedule, I am trying to be diligent with it, and treat this blogging thing like a job.  I try to make sure I spend equal time networking and writing each day, so as not to fall behind, or get lackadaisical.  But in the end, I still feel I’m falling behind in my own way.  I want to write more fiction, yet I think I write just about the correct amount of time with the blog.  Hopefully I can balance this out more soon, though I’m not sure how without spending yet more time here in front of the computer and away from Lisa.

One of the things I have to do each day is work out.  Face it, I’m overweight, and I’m not proud about it.  I’m not far overweight, but I need to drop about thirty pounds pretty badly.  Its very hard to do, luckily my daily schedule fits in the work out time.  For my fitness I use Fleetly, I think it makes working out a bit more fun, because it turns your work outs into points, which makes it feel like a game at times.

So many things to fit into the schedule, its so hard to figure out when I should schedule time in the hammock, but I know relaxation time is needed.  To get my head to stop spinning with letters slowly filling up a blank WordPerfect page.

Oh yeah, the photography.  It takes time to not only take the pictures, but to edit them.  There’s just not enough time, soon I’m going to have to start delegating certain days to editing photography....

Sound stressful, huh?  Well just imagine if I didn’t schedule....  As I write this, I have 15 posts set in the future.  My blog is very close to cresting 2000 page views, and is on track to get close to 1250 page views in the month of September.  I could not be happier with my blog, and the readership it is gaining.  I accredit this all to making a schedule, and getting the job done.  Sadly, it doesn’t even feel like a job, this is a true joy, and labor of love, and even saying that I have a readership...that’s such a humbling dream come true.

Anyways, its almost 11am as I write this, and its time for my workout, come join me on Fleetly!


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