Friday, January 11, 2013

(poem) - Stats Hide The Joy of Blogging

Stats stats
Its all about the stats
It makes me so mad
That I just spat

Why can’t it be
Just about writing?
Putting out content
That is simply inviting?

It seems there is
Some kind of statistic
Behind everything in life
Including a simple lyric

So how does one
Tune it all out
Blog about whatever
And not scream and shout?

I’ve been amazed at how many
Analytics there are
And how SEO
Is what everyone should strive for

Getting viewers to come
Is such a heroic deed
That it makes one wonder
How DO good bloggers get paid?

In the end
You can’t think about that
You have to write for the joy
Not for the feather in the hat

Getting paid would be nice
But the true joy of writing
Is simply creation itself
Of dreams igniting

And burning bright
Out on the internet
For anyone to come by
And leave a comment.

Blogging is a joy
That can be an occupation
Its too much fun
Enjoying this creation

So only glance at the stats
Don’t watch them like a hawk
Keep your eye on the prize
And don’t listen to the talk

Just write for the fun of it
And if you get paid
Then it will be a joy
As joyous as getting laid


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Karmatic Revenge

Its hard for me not to full on believe in karmatic revenge.  After all I’ve experienced in life, it seems that every good I do is countered by some form of bad.  Its almost like no matter how happy I am, something has to remind me to appreciate it.  At least, I think that’s the best way to see it.

I honestly do not care that karmatic is not picked up by spell checkers.  I think it should be.  At least its fully in the Urban Dictionary, I’d hate to have to make up a whole new word just to get across a point.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Think Outside the Box, Live Outside your Bubble

I love truly trying to get outside of my comfort zone, not only with writing, but with everything.  There’s so much in life to explore, and to understand, yet most tend to never really leave their house....  This sad state of affairs needs to be remedied!

There was an old piece of literature, that I discovered once, in the oddest of places, that talked about how every person dreams, and therefore is a traveler, even if they’ve never left their cave.  I find this true to a point, because I’ve found people that just don’t dream, they are sticks in the mud, and will never view life outside there bubble.

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