Friday, April 19, 2013

(poem) - Photographer's Vision

A click and a flash
A memory saved to a card
Seems so amazing
How technology has come so far

But when its turned
Into an art
It makes people stop
And simply take part

The idea that we can
Capture moments from this amazing life
Makes it all seem alittle more worth
All the damnable strife

And strife I’ve seen
Caused by the camera I hold
But it was all worth it
Because my pictures are so bold

I’ve always seen the beauty
Of the setting sun
But I never believed
I’d capture a breathtaking one

But I did
With my camera
And it takes my breath away
Let me tellya

I often believe
That I dream in color
Because my dreams are
More vivid than I can remember

Yet sometimes
Through the lens
I see something so spectacular
My soul feels a cleanse

Everyone sees art
In a different way
But I know what I saw
On that picture’s day

Because I look upon it
In my portfolio
Along with other shots
That made me exclaim, “Whoa!”


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Artistic Passion of a Photographer

My journey through photography is nothing short of a story unto itself.  Like most things in my life, there is no simple explanation.  What makes the story interesting to me, is that I can remember every twist and turn there was in the adventure, where as most stories lose details to the sands of time.

It all started when my parents came into some family money, and they sent me about $8,000.00.  I knew that I had wanted to get into some form of photography, but I wasn’t sure how.  When that money hit, I started doing some serious research.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Emerald Reflection Photography, Open for Business

Most who know me, know I truly taking photos.  For those that were around for the wedding, they got to see me get my wedding present, and be the victim of it.  My knew Nikon D5200 is an amazing piece of technology, that I truly enjoy.

Me and My D5200
in a mirror.
When Lisa started talking about getting it for me for my wedding present, we sat down and really looked at what we both wanted me to have.  Lisa looked over my photos, listened to my vision, and made a big decision.

And that vision finally culminated in us making Emerald Reflection Photography.  Our missions is to run a photography business that will cater to those that need portraits, events, or special photos taking in an artistic and professional way.  This also includes all photo treatments I c
an achieve with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.  I also plan to offer interesting photo-manipulations in some packages.

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