Here is a collection of links to the poetry posts on the entire site.  I apologize now if I get behind in transcribing them.  Also of note, check out the "Where to Find More ABN" page, where you can find more poetry by our Authors that has been accepted by other websites.

They Struggle, Hidden.... 07/13/2012
Why I Live My Life 08/01/2012
The People Who Hate 08/03/2012
Rambling About Inadequacy 08/05/2012
The Divine Blessing of Life 08/08/2012
Strive 08/10/2012
A Silly Poem About Blogging 08/14/2012
To Live 08/15/2012
For My Step-Daughter 08/22/2012
A Scratch 08/27/2012
The Most Important Birthday 08/31/2012
She Is My Everything 09/03/2012
I Have Loved (as performed by Deeya) 09/07/2012
A Dream of Love 09/12/2012
Envoy of my Happiness 09/20/2012
Love This Life 09/28/2012
What I See in Her Eyes 10/05/2012
Autumn's Thrall 10/12/2012
Encroaching Darkness (a poem by Deeya) 10/19/2012
The End of the World 10/26/2012
A Short But Sweet Dedication 11/02/2012
Fear of the Storm 11/09/2012
Howl in the Night (a poem by Deeya) 11/16/2012
Sanity in an Evil World 11/23/2012
What If? I run out of ideas 11/30/2012
Sins of the Past 12/07/2012
How My Day Starts 12/14/2012
Doomsday 12/21/2012
The End of the Holidays 12/28/2012
The New Year Ahead 01/04/2013
Stats Hide the Joy of Blogging 01/11/2013
Looking Forward to Marriage 01/18/2013
Exercise Push 01/25/2013
The Amazing One 02/01/2013
Moving On Death Around Us 02/08/2013
Valentines Day 2013 02/15/2013
Wedding Vows 03/01/2013
Emerald & Crimson Duet (a poem by Deeya) 03/08/2013
Cahsh Dynar Night (a poem by Deeya) 03/15/2013
Change Brings Out The Stupid  03/22/2013
An Eighteen Hour Drive 03/29/2013
A Child's Imagination 04/05/2013
I Don't Know 04/12/2013
Photographer's Vision 04/19/2013
A Day Made for Writing 04/26/2013
Knowledge's Famine 05/03/2013
The Choice of Happiness or Pain 05/10/2013
Some Bosses Have It Coming 05/17/2013
The Consequence of Breaking the Rules 05/24/2013
To Flow From Here to There 05/31/2013
A Strength in True Love 06/07/2013
The First Test of Love: Wedding Planning 06/14/2013
Art is Not Defined as Being a Confusing Mess 06/21/2013
Travel 06/28/2013
Stupid Phone 07/05/2013
A Closed Heart (a poem by Deeya) 07/12/2013
Altar of Desires (a poem by Deeya) 07/19/2013
The Poetic Justice of Mankind 07/26/2013
Passing the Time Away 08/02/2013
What is That Smell? 08/09/2013
The Rewrite Struggle 08/16/2013
Clung for Far too Long 08/23/2013
Bring on the Pain 08/30/2013
I Belong in her Arms 09/06/2013
Wearing Black while Baking Bread 09/13/2013
Being an Individual 09/20/2013
Happily Forever After 09/27/2013
Birthday Instructions 10/04/2013
Facebook's Evils 10/11/2013
Inspiration, Take Me Away 10/18/2013
All Hallow's Eve Approaches 10/25/2013
We Lost Halloween Because of You 11/01/2013
A Kitten 11/08/2013
The Dance of Love's Life 11/15/2013
Error 0x80070004 11/22/2013
Black Friday 2013 11/29/2013
To My Friends, those who stayed, and those who didn't 12/06/2013
A Sadness, Deep Within 12/13/2013
The Liars' Games 08/22/2014
Nightmares 09/05/2014
The Age of Rust 09/19/2014
A Dark and Dreary December Day 01/19/2015


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