Friday, March 15, 2013

(poem) - Cahsh Dynar Night.

Back in Ballad of the Emerald Bard: Making the Band - 5, I knew that Deeya, for the second time, would be called out to perform on stage.  It was a wonderful opportunity to pull out a song from her early days as a video game character.  The problem is, the song I had in mind was quite interlaced in that old video game's lore.

So, I set about rewriting it.  As I rewrote the poem, I created a new city, a desert city named Cahsh Dynar, where there are sultans and the slave trade, giving the city a very ancient Arabian city, with a seedy side.  This, in turn, brought out the character named The Masked Canary, and inspired parts four through six of Making the Band.  It also allowed me to bring in a different version of Deeya's backstory and add a bit of mystery to her history.  I truly love it when inspiration goes in a circle like that.

Either way, please enjoy this poem, out of the story's performance setting where you can judge it on its poetic merits.


The dancer wore next to nothing
Her copper skin reflected the firelight
Her smile was lovely as she danced
Under the sky, on that Cahsh Dynar night

It was a seductive dance
She moved her hips two and fro
The vest she had on, had nothing underneath
Proving she had much to show.

The skirt was small
And when she turned
Men were given a glimpse
Of that which they yearned

Her body taught and swaying so
Made everyone lose their will to fight
This was the Dance of Seduction
Under the sky, on that Cahsh Dynar night

She was an exotic woman
Her body moved on cue
Her long ears were pointy
She was a Forest Elf through and through.

Her green eyes sparkled
Her short hair was a mess
But her long legs were muscled
As were her arms through her vest

Sometimes the dance
Allowed the spectators a sight
Of what most women hide
Under the sky, on that Cahsh Dynar night

The dance was practiced
And planned out fully
Her beads caught the starlight
As did the sweat on her taught belly

Each move designed to create
Feelings of lust, feelings of want
She made it look effortless
Her body was sculpted to perfectly flaunt.

I am El'Mindeeya Do'Katal, the Emerald Bard
And I tell you, there was no plight
When I danced the Dance of Seduction
Under the sky, on that Cahsh Dynar night.

--Dan (in the voice of the Emerald Bard)

--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

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