Friday, September 7, 2012

(poem - Deeya) I Have Loved

(( In celebration of the 3rd part of Ballad of the Emerald Bard - Old Debts coming out tomorrow, I would like to share this older poem.  I've often mentioned that Deeya was a character and I wrote poems for her to be songs.  This is one such poem, and is kind of relevant to the story, Old Debts.  Here I also include an actual performance with the emotes, so you can get an idea of what it was like to see Deeya perform live. Please enjoy, and if you want to see the story jump straight to the Ballad of the Emerald Bard Page with a Table of Contents to the whole story so far!)) ))

Deeya strums her ancient lute listfully, evoking loneliness, and her eyes seem glassy from trying to filling up with tears.  The lute's unique sound matches Deeya's voice perfectly as she sings....

~Some days, without you,
~Are exactly the same
~Some days
~Are quite mundane

~Some days
~I wake up crying
~Believing that
~To myself I am lying

Deeya changes key slightly, almost sounding more upbeat and hopeful in some way.

~Lying about
~You being gone
~Lying about
~Our love going wrong

~Some of these days
~I can block it all out
~Some days,
~I fall to my knees and shout

With the word ‘fall,’ Deeya's voice changes a bit, almost sound as if she had failed in some way.

~Screaming my needs
~Into the night
~But of course
~Only willow-wisps hears my plight

Deeya suddenly starts dancing to her tune, as it changes key again, and becomes upbeat and almost glorious.

~I sing this song for you
~Kissed with the dreams
~I had with you

~Without you
~My soul is less
~Oh how I miss
~Your smile's caress

~Some nights I write alot
~Or pass the time singing
~Sometimes I stand outside
~Staring at the moon, wondering

Deeya smiles looking up at the ceiling, dancing to her own tune, as if she were alone.  The dance is sensual and slow.

~If this love
~That had moved me so
~Will ever come again
~With happiness we both know?

~Or has it died
~Somewhere within you
~Behind your eyes
~So gloriously blue?

~Some days
~I can cope just fine
~Some days
~I fear I cross a line

She stops playing her lute for a moment and sings the next lines a capella, her voice sounding as thought it could reach the heavens.

~But one thing
~That never changes
~I believe that one day
~I will present you to the angels

Her fingers then strum the lute slowly, the chords coming out of it almost magically mingle with her words.

~And tell them why
~You belong with them
~The task is easy
~A victorious win

~Because you were everything
~Combined into one
~That made this life
~Any damn fun

Deeya's lute hits a rhythm again, yet this time its haunting, one can almost picture a tall elf with blonde hair and blue eyes....

~Inspiration, love, and dreams
~Beauty, woman, and sexy
~Imperfect and elven
~Simple and complex

~But above all else
~The one thing that stands out
~I love you
~Without a doubt

~That was no easy task
~I can assure you
~To move me so much
~To rise you above the few

Deeya strums the lute, letting out a long solid chord, holding it as she sings.

~So, on this night
~Please don't let me be a shrew

Deeya strums the lute a final time, the last note matching Deeya's voice perfectly, she sings the last two lines hauntingly as the chord fades away.

~When I say, "I have loved."
~I only think of you.

El’Mindeeya Do’Katal, the Emerald Bard holds out the ‘you’ and fades it out as the lute's chord fades away.  She then bows as silence engulfs the performance.

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