Friday, July 26, 2013

(poem) - The Poetic Justice of Mankind

There’s something poetic
About the fall of mankind
No matter how it is portrayed
It’s artistic to my mind

In popularized myth
We destroy ourselves
Poetic justice
For the environmentally conscious

Unleashing terror after terror
Humanity falls into oblivion
If not filling the entire planet
With tons of carcinogen

Many eyes turn to the sky
Will destruction come from above?
That’s what many astronomers
Would definitely love

A chunk of rocking
Falling from space
Destroying the world
This entire place.

Some even fantasize
About an alien invasion
A higher technology
Come for colonization

All are interesting thoughts
But the oddest one of all
Is that we dream of this
Fantasizing destroying this planetary ball

I do not suppose it is odd
To wonder about our eventual doom
But putting it on the movie screen
Seems to make it all loom

Just over the horizon
Somewhere in the land of tomorrow
Lies our eventual end
That chills some to their marrow

All I know
Is what I’ve always known
You have to live today
Because tomorrow we might all be gone

Life is a beautiful
And amazing gift
Enjoy it all
Don’t let fear cause a rift

Because if a rift forms
Between enjoyment of today
Then something will be lost
And that is a sad thing to say.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Small Town Drama is Small Town Entertainment

There’s something odd about the ‘human condition.’  The fact that paranoia and silly unsubstantiated fear can completely override logic.  All this truly rears its ugly head when people watch Fox News, but its prevalent everywhere in life.

Its strange to me that people will believe what they want to believe when shown facts and amazing evidence to the contrary.  Sure, I COULD be talking about religion, but I’m not.  I do remember a conversation with a woman who said, “Well why couldn’t everything have just ‘started’ six thousand years ago?”

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why So Many Churches in Small Town, USA?

Why are there so many churches in small town USA?  I mean, seriously....  It doesn’t make too much sense.  I suppose it does when you get down to normal human social interaction, but...I thought religion was supposed to bring humanity above such nonsense....

Its when you talk to people that you realize what exactly is going on.  People not liking a particular preacher because of something he said about somebody.  Or people not knowing why certain people go there because they are too poor or too rich to be in the same company as others.

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