Friday, June 7, 2013

(poem) - A Strength in True Love

There comes a time
When all men die
But sometimes first
They live the lie.

There is something fanciful
About living life
No matter how much
You go through strife

There will always be
A lie down deep
That prevents you
From getting sleep

Pain will set in
If you let it start
And all your friends
Will faithfully depart

Trapped in a mine
Within your own mind

I’ve watched it tear
The strong apart
The weak
Simply do not have the heart

To do what I did
I did it right
I trusted my spouse
Without a fight

I believed in her
She believed in me
And somewhere along the way
Her and I merged into We.

I made a choice
Where some simply cannot
To love her dearly
Until I rot

Yet being buried
Is a long way off
And at men’s typical weakness
Doth I scoff

I enjoy being hers
In every way
Knowing that my love
Will never sway

There is a strength in that
I have found
That most never do
They do nothing but cheat at the sound

Of winter coming
And old age drawing near
I accept its coming
With my love I hold so dear.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Fine Dining Lie

Maybe its just because I’ve traveled a bit....  That has to be it, because...when I think of Fine Dining, I don’t think of a crowded hole in the wall, waiting an hour on food, greasy food that I end up throwing up when I get home, or over peppered chicken that drowns out any other flavors that may have been there.

Part of me wonders if its just the city itself, its not a very big city, but it really seems to try (and fail) at certain things.  The weird thing is, people eat up this ‘fancy’ talk and really give these places awesome reviews....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Old Wounds

There’s nothing quite like getting old.  It seems the more you age, the more you hurt.  But I always looked at a bit differently.  It seems the longer you live the more wounds you collect.  And nothing hurts worse than old wounds.

Yes, I’m talking about physical and emotional.  On the physical side, I have the one that scares me the most.  A few years ago, I feel off some rocks on the California coast.  I hit my head pretty hard, bled quite a bit, but it stopped quick enough.  That injury has caused me to have acute motion sickness now.  I never had it before...but now, I go up in a plane with Lisa, and if I haven’t taken something, then yeah...I know it pretty quickly....

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