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Monday, January 19, 2015

(poem) - A Dark and Dreary December Day

On a dark and dreary December day
When the cold rain fell from the unseen sky.
I dreamed I wasn’t dreaming darkly
While, in the distance, I heard a crow’s deathly cry.

Veiled by the mists surrounding me
These mists that even time had forgot
I strained with my blinded eyes against it all
Yet in the end, I saw it not.

Friday, September 19, 2014

(poem) - The Age of Rust

What is left for us
Those who dwell in the rust

Days pass by and still we persist
Its almost as if, we are still trying to resist

People still call it ‘The Man’
Because its all part of the Machine’s plan

Its rolling and churning
Doing nothing but destroying

Collecting money for itself
Putting all its riches upon the shelf

We all help it along
Even if you do nothing but smoking a bong

Because it feeds off all of us
In one way or another, in god we trust

What hope is there for a better tomorrow
I feel the death of us in my bone’s marrow

It gives me aches and pains
As fear seeps in, destroying memories within my brain

Is the past the thing I remember
Or did I gloss it all over in November?

I stare into the mirror’s reflection
And fear my face’s deep set aggression

For there is nothing but hatred within my eyes
For those that tell all the lies

Because lies are what got us here
Kiss all the rich people’s rears

We are nothing but the cobble stones
That led them all to there hedonistic thrones

Luckily there is a special place in hell
For all those that poisoned the well

Because poisoned it has become
In this existence that is nothing but bedlam

We strive and strive for things we can’t have
For our wounds, there is no salve

So go out and slave away
At minimum wage all day

As the people above your boss
Reap all the benefits of the life you’ve lost

While I ponder what is left for the rest of us
As well dwell in the Age of Rust.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, September 5, 2014

(poem) - Nightmares

I remember dreams
Where I’d wake up alive
Landing safely upon the ground
After some fateful, deadly dive

I’m sure the screams
Woke my lover
Because of life’s
Living horror

I missed my chance
To die in the night
Being forced to life
Eternity’s blight

When death visits
In a World gone Mad
Those are the dreams
That are (supposed to be) the best I’ve ever had.

But the horror of living
On without you
Is upon me now
And there is nothing I can do

I fear it now

My bad dreams
Are nightmares of surviving
In a dreary world
Without loving

The world of before
Where living was a tedium
Of managing
Life’s great doldrums

Passing the time away
For when death finally comes
Playing games and watching TV
Ignoring my heart’s rhythmic drum

Yet now I have a reason
To truly live for each day
And I want to seize it all
In every sort of way

But the end of the dream will come
How can it not?
That end visits me in my dreams
Showing me life is all for naught

For in the end
That’s what dreams are for
To show us all the spectrums

Of what we most and least long for


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, December 6, 2013

(poem) - To My Friends, those who stayed, and those who didn't.

Love comes and goes
As does friendship's throws
Dreams flourish and die
Right before thine eye

The past will shine a light
Upon the future's plight
And give you the strength you need
To do heartfelt deeds

Even after the lights have faded
And your attitude becomes overly jaded
Fate will have his merry way
And the gods will balance themselves every day

And you will feel hate and war
As much as love longs for more
Music will fill the air
And Magic's electricity will raise your hair

Life 'tis an amazing thing
It makes me laugh and sing
Even as bad as it can be
I still find a way to live free

From all the chains that bind me down
And things that make me want to frown
It pains me to see my friends hurt
And their relationships turn to dirt

But I know they will move on
And be the best they'll ever become
The things I've seen and witnessed
Will never go past a friend's distress

Because a friend I am, a friend indeed
Especially if they have the need
For them I'm ready to bleed
Or even see to it they are freed

From whatever oppresses them
In whatever form
I'm just happy to be there for my friends
Because they are my true family, in the end

So no matter what life throws at anyone
I know my friends will survive, every one
Even if their love dies and their dreams whither
Me and my friends will always be together.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, November 29, 2013

(poem) - Black Friday 2013

Shop shop shop
Shop until you drop
Then shop even more
For the items you want to adore

Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Call it what you will
You will keep shopping until

You’ve spent all your money
Ain’t it so funny?
That you nabbed that deal
Because you thought the deals were real?

Some camped out all night
Hoping not to get a fright
Because its scary not getting that TV
Can you even believe?

The day after giving thanks
People empty their banks
Fighting to get new stuff
Because no one can ever have enough

They will fight and claw
Even punch you in the jaw
To get that item they want
Capitalism at its most blunt

This is what people think
Christmas is all about
Fighting over a small toy
Instead of sharing in all the joy

Every year I grow
To hate this season more and more
Because of all the greed
That I see in every deed

Happiness and Goodwill towards men be damned
Screw you all
And screw you well
For I got my deepfryer on sale

I only had to sit for hours
On a sidewalk in the snow
Wrestle some woman to the ground
And kick a man in the groin

But I saved a dollar ninety-nine
Suck on that, you Black Friday noob!
I saw you standing in that Toys-R-Us line
Watching a catfight, hoping to see a boob.

A sad day indeed
When we all agree we need
Something more than family
To celebrate such a wonderful holiday....


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, November 22, 2013

(poem) - Error 0x80070004

I’m apparently being punished
For what I’ve done to my computer
Yet all I’m guilty of doing
Is making it run better

With the invention of Windows 8
It became harder to move files around
I don’t have a touch screen
And I want my files easily found

I separate my files
Onto multiple drives
So when one crashes
Most my files survive

But the user directory
Is a pain to move this time
You have to go through odd steps
That don’t make sense or rhyme

But I went through it all
And was satisfied with the result
Until 8.1 came out
And threw me an insult

I cannot upgrade my computer
Because of this much needed move
Now Microsoft is punishing me
For throwing off their Emperor like grove.

Don’t get me wrong
I’m one of the few people I know
That actually likes Windows 8
And how its controlled

But there are things in this update
That should have been in there from the start
I need this update
To quell my computer’s heart

But yeah
That’s not how it works
Error 0x80070004 has come
Destroying these much needed perks

Screw you world
For making me conform
I do not want to do so
For I am my own storm

I will customize my life
To my best abilities
Your updates be damned
You Microsoft commies

I will work around your stupidity
And make this computer work right
For you have not heard the last of people like me
Because honestly, we are the ones in the right.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, November 15, 2013

(poem) - The Dance of Love's Life

I’ve danced through life
To a soundtrack that only I’ve heard
I’ve invited you to dance
If you wish to learn

Many have taken me up
On this offer of life’s dance
Only to watch them stumble
Not being able to prance

Happiness is a way of life
That I’ve lived for quite some time
But I only know how to do so
Because I know Sorrow’s every line

So watch as I dance
And twirl around
Can you see me float
Far above the ground?

In real life
I cannot dance
But metaphorically
I do so at every chance

And amazingly I found Lisa
Who has taken my hand
As we danced
She donned my wedding band

Friends may come and go
But I’ve finally found a partner
Who will dance with me
Forever, and ever after

Somewhere along the way
I realized something very important
I’ve danced this dance I’ve danced
Felt pain at every appointment

So that when I got to dance with her
It was the dance that would enthrall her

Because she’s danced
The same dance as me
So that when we found each other
It would be so lovely

That we have both wept with joy
At true love’s beautiful envoy


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, November 8, 2013

(poem) - A Kitten

Is there anything
A kitten can’t fix?
Especially if that kitten
Has a name like Nyx?

She’s come into our lives
And brightened every day
Suddenly we are all smiles
In every single way

I’m still behind
On what I need to do
But all that can wait
Because I hear a faint “Mew”

She’s quite a handful
And a bundle of joy
Kittens are far too cute
Its almost like a ploy

You fall in love with them
As you help them grow
Then they ignore you
Unless they need food in their bowl

That’s alittle unfair
Some cats appreciate
You taking all that care

To raise them up
And to raise them right
So they aren’t scared
Of thunderstorms in the night

They’ll stick by your side
And be your one true friend
Curling up in your lap
Until the very end.

The unconditional love
Of a feline family member
Is one that you will cherish
Until the last day you remember

Very few cats
Have earned a place in my heart
Nyx earned her spot
From the very start

And as she sleeps
Here on my desk
I smile knowing
My future is now that much picturesque


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, October 18, 2013

(poem) - Inspiration, Take Me Away

I love to be transported
To another place and time
Be it by writing
Or music’s amazing rhyme

Dreams can only
Take you so far
You have to find inspiration
To raise that bar

Is there a better rhyme
Than this American Classic’s Line?

“Give me the beat boys
And save my soul
I want to get lost
In your rock and roll”

That is how I view music
Its why I listen at all
I love to hear the music
While watching the leaves fall

Trust me in this
When I say
I could listen to rock
Every and all day

But then there are times
That motion pictures set up the best lines

Some people can scoff
At the movie Avatar
When I watched it the first time
I dreamed I was seeing a distance star

From a world
I had never seen
A lush land
With tons of green

Sure the people were blue
But I was one of them
Daring to rise up
And share freedom’s dream

I live for moments like these
When I’m transported through outrageous dreams

If I could live
Under another sun
Or be taken away
By rock and rolls sweet fun

Then I would dance along
With my wife
In a place far from here
Without any strife

Because in these places far away
Where inspiration rules the day
My wife and I, in each other’s arms would lay.
Because each other’s love will stay

The funny thing is, no matter what I say
This is my life already, in every way.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, October 11, 2013

(poem) - Facebook's Evils

There are worse things in life
Than Facebook in the morning
There is always real life
Outside the door, moaning

Avoid it all costs
For it will devour your soul
Unless Facebook gets it first
Since you serve it up in a bowl

Feeding the beast
On a regular basis
Yet complaining about it
Enters you into a form of stasis.

I’ve watched
Day after day
As people go on
Facebook and say:

“Facebook sucks
Facebook is bad
I give my life to Facebook
Because the owner is a cad”

If you don’t like something
Then walk away
One of the best protests of all
Is letting silence rule the day

Yet alas
The ignorance persists
They go online and tell all about
There mate’s infidelic twists

Can you do me two favors though
While you are there
Shut the f- up
About the appointment for your hair

And swing on by the blog’s Page
And give it a quick Like
So you can follow all the rantings
That you know you like.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, October 4, 2013

(poem) - Birthday Instructions

Preparing for a birthday
Is fun thing to do
When its your loved one’s birthday
There’s oh so very much to do.

She needs to know you love her
That is essentially the key
Because on her birthday
You are the only thing she’ll want to see

First things first
You have to do it all right
Else you’ll be caught
In some screwed up plight

The best part about it all
Is not everything has to be perfect
She’ll cherish the attempt
Delivering a softer verdict

In the end,
The best thing you can do
Is simply love her
Through and through

So do that
And you will see
That if she truly loves you
She will give you a big ol’ smilie

No matter what her circumstance
No matter what she’s going through
Her love will shine through
If she truly loves you

And even the worst of days
Will not deflate her love
Because she has placed you on a pedestal
Somewhere far above.

For if she hasn’t
It will shine through
If on her birthday
She wants someone other than you.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, September 27, 2013

(Poem) - Happily Forever After

Bad days aside
Most are pretty good
Some days can even
Be better than they should

Those days are blessed
Wonderful through and through
Because I simply get to spend
All my time with you

I feel like I belong
I feel like part of something
Something far bigger
Than wearing your wedding ring.

Someday the dog doesn’t scratch
The dog doesn’t grunt
She simply lays there
Performing a silent stunt

Harmony can reign
Within this amazing home
There can be a calm
Without the petulant groans

Of a crazy teenage girl
Who is our entire world
That’s not getting her way
As her life is unfurled

Yes, there are days
Where life it truly the best
In fact there are quite a few
That are far better than the rest

The hammock is crying our name
Swaying in the breeze
There’s not very much better
Than reading our Kindles with ease

It almost seems
As if our life is a fantasy
Yet it is most definitely not
This is our reality

A life full of love
A life full of laughter
I love my wife with my entire soul
For now and for happily forever after.

(( FYI, this poem is actually part 3 in my "3 Post Experience" this week. Experience the low point in part 1, where a bad day reeks havoc in Days Like This.   But of course, every bad day becomes just another tomorrow, where you find out that there are no failures, just unfinished successes.  All you have to do is remember There Will Always Be Days Like Yesterday. ))


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, September 20, 2013

(poem) - Being an Individual

Diversity is what makes
The human race so great
So why is it when someone’s different
All they get is hate?

I just do not understand
Why it seems to be everyone’s plan
To simply be sheep
In this herd of Man

Someone does
Some really cool to their hair
And the preppies pick on them
Without a single care.

I’ve spent my entire adult life
Marching to the beat of my own drum
And I promise you this
I’ll never conform

My differences make me unique
I’m the black sheep of the bunch
Standing over six feet tall
I have broad shoulders, and never hunch

Yet my hair flows down my back
A beautiful mane
Its part of who I am
Its dictated by my genes

Yet I’m ridiculed for it
Have such lovely locks
I get more flack for my hair
Than a guy with leprosy and pox.

In the end
I know the truth
They are jealous of my uniqueness
That’s why they are so uncouth

I stand up tall and proud
And show the world who I really am
I’m not a sheep at all
Definitely not as meek as a lamb

I’ve had many heroes
Through my long life
And now one truly is
The daughter of my wife

Fuck all the people
That give her flack
She’s her own person
And she’s never going back

To the drab misery
That is being part of the herd
All those people are good for
Is looking like the girl in ‘ermahgerd’

I’ll not be part
Of any crowd
That spreads any form of hate
All over town

The best part about it all
Is that the ‘normal’ person in class
Will end up working 9 to 5
Kissing their boss’ ass

While us unique few
Will make the art
That the ‘normals’ entertain themselves with
And only wish they could take part.

So look down your nose
All you want
I’ll smile right back
Because I have individuality to flaunt.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, September 6, 2013

(poem) - I Belong in Her Arms

Is a dream a dream
(A crazy little dream)
If its based in reality?

What about pain?
(Is it pain?)
If its based within the mind?

Its hard not to scream
(Scream so loud)
When a dream involves pain?

Why does it hurt
(Its hurts so very much)
To have your heart broken?

I once had an ideal
(Such a great ideal)
Of what the perfect woman should be.

But the woman that was perfect
(Perfection on another level)
Broke the mold of everything that was

She changed my life
(Which needed changing)
For the better in every single way

And became my wife
(The perfect wife)
Making me the happiest man alive.

But I still remember the past
(Oh so very long ago.)
When heart break felt like it would kill me.

I remember those times
(Times best forgotten)
Crying over some foolish idiot not giving their all

I always gave my all
(Pouring my very soul)
To make sure that my love found its home

But it never did
(It grew stronger, harder)
And somehow found its way into Lisa’s embrace

This embrace
(This beautiful embrace)
Is something amazing that words cannot describe

(No matter how you write it)
Cannot match the beauty of my wife’s soul

She survived
(Things I cannot imagine)
To be with me here, laying her head against my chest

How did either of us make it here
(This wonderful place we’ve found)
After going through so damned much without each other?

The answer is so simple
(Yet so very silly)
We survived what we had to, to be together.

Because this is where we both belong
And belonging is pretty awesome
When you belong in someone’s arms.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, August 30, 2013

(poem) - Bring on the Pain

I hate those moments
Right after something special
That take a great time
And make the whole even awful

Its going to happen
From time to time
But I’ll hate it with a passion
No matter the reason or rhyme

It gets more rare
With every passing day
That everything goes right
In every single way

Something always
Tries to come around
Bringing along
A dank and dark cloud

I rage against it
With all my might
But I’m getting tired
And always loose the fight

The one thing
I know I can say
Is that the longer people
Together stay

They’ll be able to find
The best ways to hurt each other
Making paradise
A little less brighter

I truly hate those moments
Right after being inspired
When the yelling starts
And an argument has to be retired.

There is nothing more devastating
Than doing what I do
Stopping you from hurting me
By making sure I hurt you.

But life goes on
As beautiful as it may seem
With this one argument
Lurking behind the scene

It might be
The only one we have
But it’s a dozy
And definitely not drab.

All I can say is
Love is a beautiful thing
And conquers everything
That gets put in a sling

The aftermath might be oppressing
But tomorrow is another day
And nowhere near depressing

For love will come
With the brand new dawn
And spread its rays
Upon our green lawn

The grass will grow
Along with our love
We will catch wing again
And fly like a dove.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, August 23, 2013

(poem) - Clung for Far too Long

I made mistakes early on
Wishing I could find the one
Looking past an idiot’s flaws
My fate’s conclusion seemed forgone

I lost my faith
In failed love’s wake

The true love I thought I’d never find
Was you

Life brings all sorts
Of slings and arrows to your ports
Love is extremely hard
When it was used, before, to extort

But then I came around
Thinking true love was not to be found

I had to give up on my false idea of love
For you

I woke up one day
Very far away
From my dreams and reality
I gave up on love in every way

I was lost
Without knowing the cost

And the person that found me
Was you

I never knew
This day would bring you
And I would experience
A love known only by few

I was found
And quite knowingly bound

The woman I call my wife
Is You.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, August 16, 2013

(poem) - The Rewrite Struggle

There is nothing like a rewrite
To make one feel odd
Pushing text in a different way
In order to get a different nod

Different drafts
Are entirely other beasts
As opposed to writing
An entirely different feast

To keep the main idea
Is the absolute key
While removing bad content
And letting the story free

The real question is
Will it all work
Or by changing the story
Will it do nothing bur irk?

Such is the life
A writer has to live
While balancing on the edge
One cannot afford to be passive

This body of work
Is mine to tame
If I cannot work it out
It will be even more lame

But I shall not put down
This ever so epic tale
Because I believe in Deeya
Enough that I shan’t fail

Buried Secrets
Has arrived again
A new format for the tale
Is being achieved under my pen

I refuse to loose readers
Because of bad choices for a first draft
I am not sailing this ship
As if it were a raft

The story will be told right
For this
Is my eternal fight

To conquer my writing demons
To challenge myself in every way
And win
Upon this very day.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, August 9, 2013

(poem) - What is That Smell?

There’s nothing like a smell in the house
One that you just can’t find.
It smells like a giant dead mouse
Or a moose’s putrid behind.

It lingers in every room
No matter how many candles you burn
You try to spray perfume
But your nose does nothing but yearn

For a time when there is no smell
A room that does not make you gag
Damn this place smells like hell
Or a discarded wash rag

We’ve emptied the trash cans
And searched every cranny
We cannot find the deadman
Nor his putrid fanny

But we will keep up the search
For this affront to the nose
But allowing it to continue the stench
Would not be a good way to end the prose

It’s the quest
For the Holy Grail
And I can attest
We shall not fail

Because we are sick and tired
Of this awful reek
We don’t want to be mired
In the smell of something that died last week

Help us
Oh mighty lord
Deliver us
From this smell’s deadly sword

And bring to us
Gentle smells
Of beautiful rose buds
Or other flowers of bright pastels

But until you do
We have the Scentsy burning bright
And we will leave them all on
If we have to, all bloody night....


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, August 2, 2013

(poem) - Passing the Time Away

There is nothing
Like passing the time away

Reading books
Enjoying the hooks
Writing a novel
Can’t be that trivial

Singing a song
Under the rain
Can’t be wrong
Using the brain

Video game are a challenge
If you take the plunge
Experiencing a story
Told through allegory

There is nothing
Like passing the time away

Poetry and rhyming
Are much like breathing
You just start doing it
And never ever quit

Fame and fortune
May never arrive
But I live my life fun
This is for what I strive

Art flows from my fingers
Onto many, many papers
Words forming thoughts
Keeping my wit very taut

There is nothing
Like passing the time away

But not homeless
I work for a bright future
Based on our love for each other

Nothing will keep us apart
The beauty of love brought us together
Every day we create amazing art
All the while, ignoring the weather

The climate of the entire world
Is trying to make our life unfurl
We will make it through this
For, together, we have nothing but time to pass

Fact is
There is nothing
Like passing the time away.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, July 26, 2013

(poem) - The Poetic Justice of Mankind

There’s something poetic
About the fall of mankind
No matter how it is portrayed
It’s artistic to my mind

In popularized myth
We destroy ourselves
Poetic justice
For the environmentally conscious

Unleashing terror after terror
Humanity falls into oblivion
If not filling the entire planet
With tons of carcinogen

Many eyes turn to the sky
Will destruction come from above?
That’s what many astronomers
Would definitely love

A chunk of rocking
Falling from space
Destroying the world
This entire place.

Some even fantasize
About an alien invasion
A higher technology
Come for colonization

All are interesting thoughts
But the oddest one of all
Is that we dream of this
Fantasizing destroying this planetary ball

I do not suppose it is odd
To wonder about our eventual doom
But putting it on the movie screen
Seems to make it all loom

Just over the horizon
Somewhere in the land of tomorrow
Lies our eventual end
That chills some to their marrow

All I know
Is what I’ve always known
You have to live today
Because tomorrow we might all be gone

Life is a beautiful
And amazing gift
Enjoy it all
Don’t let fear cause a rift

Because if a rift forms
Between enjoyment of today
Then something will be lost
And that is a sad thing to say.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

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