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Monday, December 16, 2013

A Realization, and a Regretful Goodbye

Many times in my life, I’ve stopped and wondered if I’m living a fantasy.  I don’t do it because things are going so well, I do it because I start realizing things aren’t going the way I thought they should.  The problem is that statement, do I get complacent with my life?  Do I take things for granted?  When I’m making out with my wife, and she pushes me away, is it really because the reasons she gives, or have I allowed the romance to die when I thought it was burning strong?

Sometime in my youth, I discovered that sex can be a beautiful proclamation of love between two people.  Yes, it can be everything else sex has become, but it can be so much more.  When I’m making love with my wife, I can feel her soul there with me, and it feels as if my soul is reaching for hers.  Sometimes I feel weightless, like I’m floating with her in a void of bliss.

Friday, September 6, 2013

(poem) - I Belong in Her Arms

Is a dream a dream
(A crazy little dream)
If its based in reality?

What about pain?
(Is it pain?)
If its based within the mind?

Its hard not to scream
(Scream so loud)
When a dream involves pain?

Why does it hurt
(Its hurts so very much)
To have your heart broken?

I once had an ideal
(Such a great ideal)
Of what the perfect woman should be.

But the woman that was perfect
(Perfection on another level)
Broke the mold of everything that was

She changed my life
(Which needed changing)
For the better in every single way

And became my wife
(The perfect wife)
Making me the happiest man alive.

But I still remember the past
(Oh so very long ago.)
When heart break felt like it would kill me.

I remember those times
(Times best forgotten)
Crying over some foolish idiot not giving their all

I always gave my all
(Pouring my very soul)
To make sure that my love found its home

But it never did
(It grew stronger, harder)
And somehow found its way into Lisa’s embrace

This embrace
(This beautiful embrace)
Is something amazing that words cannot describe

(No matter how you write it)
Cannot match the beauty of my wife’s soul

She survived
(Things I cannot imagine)
To be with me here, laying her head against my chest

How did either of us make it here
(This wonderful place we’ve found)
After going through so damned much without each other?

The answer is so simple
(Yet so very silly)
We survived what we had to, to be together.

Because this is where we both belong
And belonging is pretty awesome
When you belong in someone’s arms.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, July 12, 2013

(poem - Deeya) - A Closed Heart

My heart was closed
For so very long
Closed to all
Who wanted to get along

I had suiters
To be sure
But I cared for none
No matter how pure.

Monday, May 20, 2013

What is 'Rushing' into Love?

Lisa and I had what most would call a whirlwind romance.  We met through an online dating service, which took quite a bit of luck in and of itself, and then we just FELL.  Before we even met in person we knew there was something interesting there, and after that first meeting, we both had fallen for each other.

We tried to keep from rushing as much as we could, and every time we did ‘hold back’ it would cause strife between us.  I still, to this day, catch grief for not wanting to say “I love you” first even though we both felt it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding Vows

Here is a copy of the wedding vows Lisa and I wrote together, and gave to the preacher to read to us so we could answer "We Do" to them.  This ceremony itself was a total of nine minutes.  Very short and sweet, but encapsulated everything we wanted.

I stood with the preacher, and watched my Best Man and the Maid of Honor walk in, followed by the Groomsman and Bride's Maid (who were a married couple), followed by Lisa who was walked by CJ.  Upon reaching the altar and after the prayer, we had a small ceremony to invite me to be CJ's stepfather:

Friday, February 1, 2013

(poem) - The Amazing One

She calls me the amazing one
And I do not know why
She is the amazing one
To my discerning eye

She’s taken my life
And given it meaning
Turned it around
From that fateful online meeting

My life was changed
That very day
I saw her picture
And I fell for that display

She answered my reply
Starting the romance
That led to our marriage
And our current dance

She wakes up next to me
Every single day
Greeting me with a kiss
I cherish in every way

She gives me the freedom
To pursue my passions
Writing and Photography
Including snuggling sessions

I get to cook anything I want
And try out new recipes
For you never know what I’ll whip up next
That will change our dieting.

The woman is a beauty
To simply sit back and behold
I could simply watch her breath
If the truth be told

I stare into her eyes
For lengths at a time
And get lost again and again
Hearing the angels chime

I could build her up
And put her on a pedestal
But she belongs by my side
Marring her is nothing more than a sequel

To the romance that started
Not so long ago
For we are completely locked
Within passions throws

She caused all this
Because she replied to my hello
She is the amazing one
That is what I know.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, November 16, 2012

(poem - Deeya) - Howl in the Night

For those of you who are reading, or have read Running With Wolves, the third chapter in the Ballad of the Emerald Bard Saga, you know that Aloucia of the Fae, and El'Mindeeya Do'Katal have a 'history' that's alluded to.  The following poem is a song Deeya wrote for Aloucia while they were together, way back when they were first exploring a romance together.  So please enjoy this glimpse into the beginning of their doomed relationship, long before Deeya realized that Aloucia was a being that belonged in the wild, that could never have any form of leash around her neck....


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