Saturday, August 4, 2012

Outside of here.

Expanding one’s horizons is such a nice thing to do.  Its amazing to see what’s out there, even if its just reading about it.  Today I learned about some things in another country that I never knew existed.  I was simply amazed and shocked at things.

But then, I’ve been looking around at other countries for awhile.  There’s so much out there in this world.  History that has been kept from me, especially as I’m from the US and we’re taught that we’re the best and there’s nothing else worth seeing out there.  It’s a sad fact of life, living here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

(poem) The people who Hate.

There is always one
Who will hate you
One who will throw your happiness
Into a busy avenue

I know these people
I know them well
When they speak
I can hear the bells of hell

They ring loudly
In my mind
Thoughts of murder
Rage making me blind

But then I smile
Into their face
And do their job better
At a quicker pace.

I wonder why
They are so intimidated
By one such as me
I’m always so timid

Yet this is what they do
They pick out your superiority
Even if its not flaunted
And plan its atrophy

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The United Hate-breeders of America

Ignorance is such an amazing thing.  It permeates life here in the United States.  I have to believe that it is elsewhere in the world, but the way it erodes society here, is just dauntingly unbelievable.  Ignorance here is a weight that crushes souls and grinds civility to dust.

You can take this whole Chik-fil-A thing for a good example.  Today I saw a bunch of Facebook posts of ‘good Christians’ cursing and using derogatory comments to defame and tell the gays of this world to die horrible deaths....  It honestly makes me ashamed to be a human when I see these things.  How can there be such hate in this world, and people using such terminology as using ‘free speech’ as an argument.  Freedom is freedom to do anything that’s not harmful....  Yet these people want to take freedom away from others....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(poem) Why I live my life.

As the seasons rise and fall
And everyone tries to make sense of it all
We watch the sun rise and set
As life fades we try not to fret

So we try to live life without regrets
And to be good to our pets
Yet most don’t know how to enjoy
All that life has to employ

Shame comes and goes
As does pain’s throws
Yet we life through and trudge on
And wonder if our last name will fade into anon

I asked for all things that I might enjoy in life
And I was given life
So that I might enjoy all things
No matter what it all might bring

This I hold true to
No matter what or who
Might try to bring me down
Because life is too short to constantly frown

So smile I do, as much as I can
Since this life began
And live by a creed that most dismiss
Because there is nothing in life I want to miss.

From watching my step-daughter
Try not to die from laughter
And enjoying my wedding to her mother
Being that woman’s one and only lover

Sure I’ve had my downs
But I fear them less than clowns
Of course, that goes without saying
Clowns send a lot of people to praying.

I’ve loved and lost
And each time felt the cost
But it all paid out in the end
For my life now has the perfect bookend

I knew it would all be worth it
No reason at all to throw such a fit
What a ride it has been
And it will continue to be, until the end.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gender inequality?

Here’s an age old question, what are the differences between men and women? Would you be shocked if I said there really wasn’t any?

Yeah, I figured you would be, but hear me out. The only real difference is reproductive rolls. Besides that, what other difference is there? Well, the answer to that one is easy, most of the differences come directly from those reproductive rolls.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Escape of a lifetime.

What is it about traveling that makes people more worldly? I guess the answer is obvious, but it is pretty amazing at how those who have left their home and moved far away have so much more wisdom and insight.  In my home town, everyone is so stuck in a rut, and I can see that in other places, but never as bad as that place.

I admit, I’m not as much of a gypsie as some people, but I was born in Texas, lived in North Carolina for eleven years, lived close to Little Rock, AR. For a year, and now I’m in Oklahoma. Rural OK at that. Its been a wonderful life, and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve seen and how far I’ve come, but I still find those people, whom are older, yet they just don’t seem to have this experience with life.

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