Friday, December 6, 2013

(poem) - To My Friends, those who stayed, and those who didn't.

Love comes and goes
As does friendship's throws
Dreams flourish and die
Right before thine eye

The past will shine a light
Upon the future's plight
And give you the strength you need
To do heartfelt deeds

Even after the lights have faded
And your attitude becomes overly jaded
Fate will have his merry way
And the gods will balance themselves every day

And you will feel hate and war
As much as love longs for more
Music will fill the air
And Magic's electricity will raise your hair

Life 'tis an amazing thing
It makes me laugh and sing
Even as bad as it can be
I still find a way to live free

From all the chains that bind me down
And things that make me want to frown
It pains me to see my friends hurt
And their relationships turn to dirt

But I know they will move on
And be the best they'll ever become
The things I've seen and witnessed
Will never go past a friend's distress

Because a friend I am, a friend indeed
Especially if they have the need
For them I'm ready to bleed
Or even see to it they are freed

From whatever oppresses them
In whatever form
I'm just happy to be there for my friends
Because they are my true family, in the end

So no matter what life throws at anyone
I know my friends will survive, every one
Even if their love dies and their dreams whither
Me and my friends will always be together.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Patronizing Praise

I truly hate being around those type of people that praise you with patronization.  There’s a way to tell someone you appreciate them without downing everything in life that’s come before.  Ever been around those types of people?

Some of my old bosses were especially bad.  They wouldn’t think much of me, with my long hair.  When I proved them wrong, they’d give me praise, but they’d make sure that they knocked me down first.  It was almost as if they honestly didn’t think my life was much of an accomplishment.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why I Hate Fishing

Fishing.  No other word dregs of the type of hatred that word does.  It’s the most boring, mundane exercise that I’ve ever participated in.  I would honestly rather be taped down to a chair, staring directly at a wall, starving, with an itch I can’t reach for hours than spend any time fishing.

Which sucks, because Lisa apparently loves to fish....  Yay!

Recently, we had a friend come up to visit, who loves to fish as well.  And with multiple poles laying around, guess who got to go man one?  Me!  Yay!

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