Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding Vows

Here is a copy of the wedding vows Lisa and I wrote together, and gave to the preacher to read to us so we could answer "We Do" to them.  This ceremony itself was a total of nine minutes.  Very short and sweet, but encapsulated everything we wanted.

I stood with the preacher, and watched my Best Man and the Maid of Honor walk in, followed by the Groomsman and Bride's Maid (who were a married couple), followed by Lisa who was walked by CJ.  Upon reaching the altar and after the prayer, we had a small ceremony to invite me to be CJ's stepfather:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Hospital System

There’s nothing like returning home after a stint at the hospital.  The work to get that smell off of you is definitely a chore.  But the real chore begins as you start rehabilitating the former patient.  Surgery takes quite a bit out of people...literally.

But the main fatigue that comes from going through the process is just dealing with the system.  Especially when you do it without insurance.  Its crazy expensive and just flat out degrading.  Sure, there are good nurses, but in the Emergency Room, everyone is treated like some third world escapee that shouldn’t be there.  Especially when you say you have no insurance.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Technological Dark Ages

There’s nothing quite like living in small town, rural United States.  There are many things that feel backwards and out of date, but there’s one thing above all that makes me feel truly out of touch with society.

There is a telecommunications company here that has a monopoly of the rural areas here.  It’s a small place, and they overcharge for everything.   But what gets me is the cell phones.  Most of the civilized world now has cell phones, and the market for them is an unbelievable place.  New phones come out every week it seems, and the competition forces phones to just get better and better.

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