Friday, August 17, 2012

Bad Cop, Horrible Cop

To serve and protect.  Words synonymous with the police force.  But I’ve often wondered about police themselves.  They are normally so feared by the public and such an avenue of corruption.

Now I fully admit, I’ve met some good and great cops.  I’ve know some that I knew I could call on and trust.  But I’ve also known the opposite.  I’ve met good for nothing cops that cast a shadow of shame across law enforcement in general.

There was a great movie line, from one of my favorite movies of all time, if not my all time favorite, The Chase , that stated how the only people cops come in contact with, on a day to day basis, is the worst of society.  Pimps, pushers, liars....  Soon you start feeling everyone is that way.  And this I see the most of.  Sometimes a cop will automatically think the worst in someone, for whatever reason, and treat them like a criminal when that someone doesn’t deserve it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

(poem) To Live.

When shame is the name of the game
Then how do you tell, what it is they sell?

It always seems as if people’s dreams
Do nothing but oppress instead of impress

This is a sad way to be, because you can never be free
From humanity itself, because there is no elf

Which is sad for me, because I love fantasy
To live in another world, found in books unfurled

But no, there is only this world I know
So the best way to deal, it to simply be real

And simply tell all the haters to go to hell
And live life the best you can, be you woman or man

Live with morals close to your heart....
Because truly Living, is an Art.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(poem) A silly poem about Blogging

Its all about the passion
Even if it is
All about fashion

To sit right down
And write an essay
Throw it on the Web
For everyone to read today

Maybe it will inspire
Maybe people will smile
Some hope to make a change
To push people the extra mile

Some are amazing to read
Some are horribly bad
Its public expression at its finest
Nothing could make people more glad

Freedom of Speech
A heck of line
Look up blogs on the Internet
Know that its going fine

Though some people get censored
Some get flamed out
Others rise above
And blog about their cat

Either way it goes
I’m enjoying this experience
To simply write away
And try to make it make sense


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Monday, August 13, 2012

One of Those Mother-In-Laws

So, its starting to look like I’m going to inherit one of “those mother-in-laws.”  She completely thinks I’m not good enough.  She goes so far as to suggest other men for her daughter, my fiancĂ©.

But then it goes deeper.  Its not just a mother-in-law situation, its something much more.  The drama the woman exudes is astounding.  And I honestly have no clue where to begin.  I guess I’ll begin with the hard part.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Optimistic Pessimist

Optimism in this day and age is such a ramshackle term.  The world seems to be going down in flames, yet having a favorable outlook about it all seems silly.  I think that’s the reason why I call myself an Optimistic Pessimist.  Most people try to split the middle by calling themselves realists, but I’m definitely not that.

I believe everything will work out for the best, though there will be pitfalls along the way.  My current example: the battery went out on the car, a dead battery is either the thing that charges the battery, the alternator; or its just a dead battery.  If it’s the alternator and you don’t check it and you replace the batter with a new one it will kill the new battery, as well.  So when does it cross the line FROM optimism to say that we should check the alternator just in case?

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