Friday, July 12, 2013

(poem - Deeya) - A Closed Heart

My heart was closed
For so very long
Closed to all
Who wanted to get along

I had suiters
To be sure
But I cared for none
No matter how pure.

I had been hurt
Beyond any healing
The pain still exists
Beyond my dreaming

But then I met you
And with a joke and smile
You opened the door to my heart
And I was as tall as a mile

We've had our ins and outs
Our ups and downs
But you still
Make me never want to frown.

Dreams we had
Things we promised
But there was a dream
That shattered us at our best

I learned something
During that time
Where I found
That you were not mine.

You opened the door,
But I cannot close it
No matter what you say
I will never forget

Your smile, or your laughter
the dreams and the promises
Your eyes or your body
The taste of your lips, sweat, and tears

As much that changed between us
In the end, nothing actually did
I stepped away
And you ran and hid

But now, as I lay with you this night
I know we will be alright
You might not believe,
But Fate had a hand in this tale we weave
You and I are meant to be
Our love together, for eternity


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

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