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Friday, September 27, 2013

(Poem) - Happily Forever After

Bad days aside
Most are pretty good
Some days can even
Be better than they should

Those days are blessed
Wonderful through and through
Because I simply get to spend
All my time with you

I feel like I belong
I feel like part of something
Something far bigger
Than wearing your wedding ring.

Someday the dog doesn’t scratch
The dog doesn’t grunt
She simply lays there
Performing a silent stunt

Harmony can reign
Within this amazing home
There can be a calm
Without the petulant groans

Of a crazy teenage girl
Who is our entire world
That’s not getting her way
As her life is unfurled

Yes, there are days
Where life it truly the best
In fact there are quite a few
That are far better than the rest

The hammock is crying our name
Swaying in the breeze
There’s not very much better
Than reading our Kindles with ease

It almost seems
As if our life is a fantasy
Yet it is most definitely not
This is our reality

A life full of love
A life full of laughter
I love my wife with my entire soul
For now and for happily forever after.

(( FYI, this poem is actually part 3 in my "3 Post Experience" this week. Experience the low point in part 1, where a bad day reeks havoc in Days Like This.   But of course, every bad day becomes just another tomorrow, where you find out that there are no failures, just unfinished successes.  All you have to do is remember There Will Always Be Days Like Yesterday. ))


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

(poem) The divine blessing of life

I’ve stood upon the mountain top
And looked down upon the Earth
This is where I found God
Where I found life’s worth

Most people see such beauty
In the eyes of their child
Others when simply
Trekking through the wild

It’s hard to look past
The beauty of nature
When you find inspiration there
You fill find nothing so pure

I can’t help but create
When touched by beauty
The blinking icon on the page
Has anything so taunted me?

I want to share my dreams
With the entire world
They are marvelous stories
When they are unfurled.

I’ve moved people to tears
Made them flood with emotion
With the written word
The world can stop its motion

I’ve gone to beautiful places
With a pen and pad
And let inspiration rush over me
Writing among proverbial dryads.

There is absolution nothing more calming
Than laying in the hammock
On a warm windy day
Watching clouds run amuck

Swaying in that breeze
Listening to the sound of the world turning
Fills my soul
With gentle yearning

To dream a dream
Recreating forgotten lore
Oh to be a Bard
In the days of yore

To spin tails
To play the lute
Allowing people to relive
Deeds of great repute

Yes, I found religion
In the beauty of life
Why can’t others find the peace of God
Without the damning strife?


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

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