Monday, September 23, 2013

Days Like This

I hate days like this, when I can stare at the screen for far too long, not typing anything on the keyboard.  Its not that I have writer’s block, or that I’m burnt out, its just how I get sometimes.  Overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time.

Its definitely not a lack of topics, I have a list of planned ones.  I just feel so ambiguous about what I want to write.  Part of me wants to make it about, “What am I doing this for?”  Face it, this is a pretty thankless thing to be doing.

Every now and then I write a blog post, hoping to change someone’s life by giving advice on a subject I care deeply about, other days I write about love, other days I write about pain.  All in all, I’m happy with what I put out there, and I’m enjoying the heck out of doing it.

Then there’s days like this.  I probably am a tad burnt out, I wanted to do something special yesterday, and it all got put aside for stuff that had to get done, so now I’m feeling rather unaccomplished.  Amazing how that works if its allowed to happen.

The best thing for it though, is to get back on the horse, make it do what you need it to do.  The fact is, create is simply what I do, so in the end, its time to get back to work doing what I love.  In the past few days, my schedule has been shot to hell, its time to fix it.

Working from home, like I do, can be hard, hard to motivate, hard to get it all right.  Once you get into a routine, and stay in it, everything that’s hard becomes all too easy.  You just have to stay in it.

My problem is getting discouraged by not getting what I want done, done.  Finish Lisa’s novel, finish our novel, finish my novel, plan a shoot with a model and get great shots, work on photography, stay ahead on the blog....  Seriously, my list continues onward and it can get quite discouraging.

Luckily I have much to feel proud of.  I just have to focus on that, keep my head high, and keep on working.  Because I have so much more to create and put out to be even more proud of.

(( This is part of a "3 Post Experience."  Go and read how every bad day becomes just another Yesterday in There Will Always Be Days Like Yesterday.  And that will be followed by the poem: Happily Forever After, showing how I get through those bad days with such ease.))

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