Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ipsy Glambag - November, 2015 "Beauty Blast" - Opening

My second Ipsy Bag arrived the Friday before Thanksgiving, and needless to say, I was beyond excited for this one.  I’m getting to where receiving this small bag of makeup is a monthly highlight.  Even though I peeked online to see what I was getting, and trust me, when I saw the Smashbox item it was hard not to cheer out loud, I was still almost drooling when I received the bright metallic pink mailing envelope.  So, let’s see what’s inside!

The card this month: “Beauty Blast.”  The caption on the back:  “The stars are aligning, your November Glam Bag is a universe of brilliant beauties. Twinkle, twinkle, darling.  It’s time to light up the sky.”

The makeup bag this month is beautiful.  Both front and back are space themed, with stars, nebulae, and galaxies.  The colors are the best part, pink, blue, purple, and white, it’s quite mesmerizing to look at.  I also like that it is cloth, as last month’s was more plastic/leathery.  I think I prefer this one over the last one, but then, I like to switch things out quite a bit, so who knows.  Now to pull on the Ipsy coin zipper and see what’s inside!

The first thing out of the bag is a Crown Brush Studio Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush.  This is my first brush from Ipsy, and after seeing so many Ipsy videos, I was hoping to get one to make sure they are as good as everyone says.  Sure enough, it is a great brush, so very soft.  It retails for $11.99 on Amazon, but you can find it as cheap as $9.99 with a bit more searching.  I can already tell, this brush will fit perfectly into my makeup brush collection.

The next thing out, is probably the thing I was most excited about getting in the bag, because I am a huge fan of Smashbox.  This particular item is Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara.  This is a travel size, but honestly I cannot wait to try this on, as everything I have ever gotten from Smashbox has been wonderful.  So excited for this one.  I found the full size on Amazon for $18.99, or you can get two travel sizes for $5.95.

Next out of the bag is Beaute Basics Sahara Gold Eye Crayon.  It has an amazing shiny gold color, that is soft and matches my skin tone very well.  On top of that, it is a very easy and soft to just glide on.  It retails for $19.99 from the Beaute Basics website and is a full size item, which is always a huge bonus.  I think I’m really going to enjoy this one, I never do too much highlighting glam style, but this looks to be just about perfect for my style.

The next item in the bag is…a °Coolway - Stronghold Spray.  I honestly don’t use hairspray, but my daughter is a hairspray aficionado, so this will be going to her.  Considering she has never had a travel size, it will be great for her to take on the road, as opposed to her putting the huge cans in the car.  I did a quick search for the travel size online and came up empty, even on their own website.

The last item out of the bag is, honestly, the one that piques my curiosity the most.  Dermelect 'ME' Peptide Infused Lacquer - a nail polish from Dermelect.  I have never heard of this brand, but when I looked it up, it turned out that this full size bottle is $14.00.  Being a manicurist means that I have access to OPI and many other brands that us professionals use, and I have never paid that much for nail polish, so I am truly wondering how good it is.  The color is called Commando, which feels a bit darker than nude, but it honestly matches one of my lipsticks and it is most definitely a color I don’t own.  The Ipsy site says that the color is a "terracotta."  I couldn't find the exact color on Amazon, but they have plenty to chose from.

Update:  I used this nail polish, and I have to say, I am completely impressed by it.  It has its own nail growth formula inside it, so I don’t have to lay down a base coat.  And it really doesn’t need a top coat either!  It says to put on two coats, but I only need one, but I’ll still put on two.  The best thing about it, though, is that it does not chip off like most brands I typically use.  I’ve even starting playing with it by putting on gold and silver leaf to add even more fall spectacle to my look.

And that is it.  That is what was in my Ipsy Glam Bag for November.  Two of this month’s products, by themselves, retailed for more than the cost of the actual bag.  Way to go Ipsy!  So please, take some time and leave a comment below!  I always love to hear your own makeup stories, routines, or even about your own subscription bags!  Until next time!


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