Monday, January 19, 2015

(poem) - A Dark and Dreary December Day

On a dark and dreary December day
When the cold rain fell from the unseen sky.
I dreamed I wasn’t dreaming darkly
While, in the distance, I heard a crow’s deathly cry.

Veiled by the mists surrounding me
These mists that even time had forgot
I strained with my blinded eyes against it all
Yet in the end, I saw it not.

Within this dream that was not a dream
The scream of my past echoed drearily forever
Yet I trudged on through the mists
Ever moving ever onwards towards my answer

I shuddered deeply within my coat
A shiver deep down within my defeated soul
Yet I trudged on through the dense fog
Ever moving ever onwards towards my goal.

So I passed the time as best I could
Trying to understand the forgotten melody
That once was sung for someone I loved
Long before the prophesized tragedy.

I crossed a bridge within the night
Somewhere, sometime, maybe now, maybe long ago
Ever moving ever onwards
Towards the place I’m still too scared to go.

Some say thing are lost forever
Within the deep dark mists of time
Yet I trudged on through this forgotten space
Forever seeking what is mine

I have no idea when daybreak will come
Or if it ever eventually will
But on this dark and dreary December day,
I swear I will live, no matter what memories I have to feel.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

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