Monday, January 26, 2015

Free Write 02: The Best Place in the World

Now that I've gone and aced my English Composition I class I've decided to share some of the selections of writing that I had to do in it.  Every Monday morning we had to pull out a sheet of paper and free write an essay over some subject or another for part of the participation grade.  This one, I actually had a date on, which I'm surprised by.  10/1/14.  Anyways, here's the second Free Write I'm sharing.

We were asked to write an essay about the best place in the world, more or less.  So here it is, free write number 2.

There too many places in my life that are my favorite, because my honest best place is with my wife.  I know, it sounds cheesy but I’ve lived in several states, touched both oceans and the gulf, with my own hands and I’ve never once enjoyed a place as much as I have being anywhere with my wife.

Once I went and watched a movie alone.  Honestly the poem following it was the best I had ever written.  The movie was amazing, it moved my sou and captured my dreams, yet it lacked something important.  Someone to share the experience with….

There is nothing more lonely than being somewhere or witnessing something spectacular alone.  Take college for example.  I am here, pushing 40, earning a degree, and having the time f my life.  I am doing it because I am not alone.  If it weren't for my wife, I would never be here.  I would be stuck in a dead end job, working as little as I could get away with, trying to capture things in my camera in a very uninspired fashion.

It might seem a cop out, but being married to such an amazing woman has made the worst of places into the best places I have ever been.  I have stood on the top of mountains, seen the most beautiful places in the world, but none of that tops walking down a simple road holding her hand.

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