Monday, February 2, 2015

Free Write 03

Now that I've gone and aced my English Composition I class I've decided to share some of the selections of writing that I had to do in it.  Every Monday morning we had to pull out a sheet of paper and free write an essay over some subject or another for part of the participation grade.  Here is another one with a date, amazingly enough.  12/1/14.

In this third free write I'm sharing, we were to write about our Thanksgiving.  Man, thanksgiving 2014 was a rough one....  Unfortunately I didn't really have time to make it as long as I wanted to, as so much went crazy...but I did the best I could.  I hope you enjoy this one!

My thanksgiving started in the typical optimistic way.  After checking the cook time for our turkey, we waited the allotted time.  Low and behold, after three and a half hours, the bird still had an internal temperature of nowhere near enough.  Sadly we were running out of time, because our first stop on our Black Friday Tour opened at 1pm on thanksgiving….

I put the bird back in on a higher temperature and prepared to wait.  Then….  The power went out.  I quickly ran outside and started up the grill.  After letting it warm up, I transferred the turkey out to it, but after thirty minutes, the grill was still not warm enough to actually cook the bird.  I’m guessing we are running out of propane.

Luckily our stove is gas, even though the oven is controlled by electricity….  But we were able to use the stove top.  I ended up shredding the turkey into a skillet and pretty much sautéing the rest of it until it was cooked.

After setting the table and sitting down to eat, the power came back on.  Luckily we were able to enjoy the lights for an hour before setting out on Black Friday….

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