Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Etymology of the Emerald Bard

For those of you wondering about where Deeya came from, I decided to write a blog about it.  If you haven’t checked into the weekly serial you can catch the entire series HERE, and they will continue to come out every Saturday at 7pm CST.

Her original name was, “El’Mindeeya Do’Katal, the Emerald Bard of Kelethin.”  She was created in an MMO, and was a true Role Play character.  The MMO went into decline, and I pulled out of it.  It was truly a shame, but the company that ran it, Sony, just did not understand its fanbase.  It’s a tragic but true thing about online gaming, that will hopefully one day be addressed by someone.

Deeya started out as a simple character, but grew fast.  I found a huge RP community, full of story tellers and people that truly played the game AS their characters.  It was a truly amazing thing to witness.  People decorated houses as if they were bars, and one night a week they would open, and visitors would pour in and the place would be a buzz with energy.  Some of these places featured ‘entertainment,’ where players would put there characters on a stage and roleplay out a song.

I was amazed at the level of creativity and fun this all created, and soon a guild I joined decided to open a bar itself.  As it was being designed, I instantly jumped at the chance and put my character up to be the entertainment.  I had to write a ton of poetry FAST to be able to cover my character’s time on stage.

Soon Deeya was playing in three different venues on a weekly basis, and played at several others sporadically.  The game continued on, and her fame grew.  I joined RP forum sites and joined in stories.  Soon after, the MMO implemented in game player made books.  Deeya ended up with 30 volumes of stories and poetry in game, that still exist in some player’s libraries.

It was a stunning legacy, one that was hard to leave behind, but I knew the distinction between a game and real life.  Everyone there pushed me to continue Deeya on in some format, and the weekly serial now gives me that chance to explore that idea.  I had to take her out of that world, to get away from all of Sony’s copyrights.  I had actually emailed Sony on several occasions to see if I could publish Deeya’s stuff with the copyrights as it would be good advertisement to the game, but never got a reply.

In the end, El’Mindeeya Do’Katal, the Emerald Bard lives on.  It might just be a weekly series, but she’s still there, a fictional character, living her fictional life.  Before this serial, she has had 5 stories written and posted about her, 2 unposted stories, all totaling over 100 pages, and 60 poems written specifically for her.  Also of note, she was drawn or was created in artwork at least twice, and there several times she was used in manipulated screenshots from the game.  Many of these stories and pictures can be found with a Google search.

So yes, my friends were right.  She’s too well thought out to be left to the dust, and I’m happy that readers have found her again, rediscovered her, or just found her for the first time, and enjoy her stories.  And I hope you all enjoy her new stories, as much as I enjoy writing them.

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