Friday, October 19, 2012

(poem - Deeya) - Encroaching Darkness

For those of you following Ballad of the Emerald Bard: Buried Secrets, you know that Deeya has had a trap sprung upon her, and she's in a very dark place.  So, I went in and pulled out an old Deeya poem that reflects what she's going through, not knowing if she's going to pull though, yet having to pick yourself up and keep trudging along.  I hope you enjoy Encroaching Darkness, a poem that Deeya has performed 'live,' at one of her venues.


I scream at the darkness
And get no reply
I get no echo either
I wonder if I'll get to say goodbye

Surrounded by nothing
Just empty space
The darkness encroaches
Smothering my face

How did I get here?
I know the answer
It all comes down
To my own failure

'tis been an amazing ride
To be sure
I wouldn't have traded it
For platinum, gold, or silver

But looking at the end
Maybe I should reconsider...
No, I shan't
I'll not end this bitter

I guess its time to stand up
And keep trudging on
My dreams might be wasted
But my life will be long

I scream as a stand
I taste the tears on my lips
When did I start crying?
Damn these deep pits....

I look around in the darkness
Wondering where I am
Or even where I'm going
In the end, I just have to chose a direction

Only time will tell
If I make it out of here
And if I'll get to enjoy again
All I hold dear.

--Dan (in the voice of the Emerald Bard)

--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

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