Monday, August 26, 2013

A Writer's Cool Pen and My Computer

There’s nothing quite like transcribing a novel from pen and paper format to the computer.  Wow.  I mean, extremely wow.  Page after page of letters, all running together, forming an amazing story.

In the end, this makes me realize how much I love typing stuff into the computer in the first place.  Lisa might have my old Ergonomix pen, that you can no longer buy, but even with the most comfortable pen in the world in my hand, I’d still die from writer’s cramp.  Luckily its enabled Lisa to write longer hours.

Its funny how Lisa says how much she loves the little things about technology, but when I love a piece of technology, she jokingly wonders how I’d survive if there was an electronic collapse in society.

The other day we were outlining some stuff.  She was writing it all on paper, and I mentioned how much easier it would be on the computer.  You could move stuff around, add things in between plot points easily.  Even add extra detail if you needed to.  Word Processing is a pretty amazing tool once you start using it right.

So is the spreadsheet program.  I use that spreadsheet tons.  Its an almost invaluable tool for math, or making lists, or anything my mind can come up with.

Anyways, as I sit here with this notepad in front of me, and watch it grow longer and longer as she adds more and more to the writing, I’m struck with exactly how much I have typed, and will type.  Novels are freakin’ huge.  I’ve always known this, but wow, you really get to figure it out when you type one in.

But what I can say about all this is, it makes for an interesting work flow between her and I.  The sheer fact that we can work together on a book project shows how amazing a couple we are.

As I write this, I’ve typed 62 pages into the novel, and we’re closing in on 40,000 words.  It’s a fun little thing, and its happening so fast.  At the rate we’re both going, the novel will be ready to send out to Agents by the time this blog post even comes out.

Its simply amazing what her and I can do when we really set both our minds to doing something.  And I’m sure that I could still write and plot and plan novels without computers.  I’d just have to make sure that when I wrote my outlines, I left spaces in between the scenes, so I could make more notes and corrections.  Technology is a wonderful thing, and I do lean heavily on it to get what I want done, done.  But I don’t care, because it makes life so much easier once you figure out how to work it all correctly.  And anything that will make an at least 150 type written page 100,000 word novel flow out of me and my wife easier and faster, then I’m all for.

And that most definitely includes an amazingly designed pen they don't make anymore....

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