Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Working Out Can be Fun

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been walking in the afternoon as part of my fitness routine.  I’ve really been trying to push myself, knowing that there is a honeymoon coming up in my near future.  So, I’ve been pressing myself to walk further and further, and just trying to increase my stamina and walking distance.

Fact is, writing takes a toll on the body, especially once you add in a blog to keep up with.  The only way to combat the inactivity is to work out, or some form of sport.  In recent years I’ve struggled with my health, not in terms of being sick, but just being strong.  There’s nothing more sad than going on a shopping trip and getting winded when walking through the mall....

I used to go on a few mile long hikes when I was in North Carolina.  There was nothing as strenuous as climbing a friggin’ mountain with camera equipment to get a great view.  But here in Oklahoma, that kind of activity is just not readily available.  And frankly, working out is pretty boring.

Every now and then, Lisa and I would go walking around the block, which was fun to spend time together and such, but after a bit that becomes a chore as well.  Finally, I started coming across some really interesting apps for my iPhone that I really started delving into.

Fleety is starting to fall out of favor, but I’m really enjoying it still.  It turns your work out into a points based system, and makes it a game in a way.  They could do it a bit better, I think, but its really a fun app to keep track of all of the work outs I do.  I wish I could find other people to friend on there, as its pretty lonely....

But sometimes lonely isn’t a bad thing.  Zombies RUN! is an amazing little app that turns your run (or walk) into an adventure.  You get to go on missions to save your town, against zombies.  There is great voice acting that pops in after a song and gives you some update, telling you to run faster to achieve your goal.  There are random zombie attacks where you have to pick up your pace a bit for a certain time, but beyond that, its just a great listen while out for your run or walk.  The script and acting are completely amazing and you feel completely engrossed in this fictitious environment being fed to you.  I know I’m guilty of looking around when they say, “And to your left you’ll see a green building.”

All in all, trying to come up with ways to making working out fun, is what I’m trying to accomplish.  My blog is working very well, and its hard to find more time in the day to give to anything else.  Fact is, I’d rather spend time with my family than work out, but to stay healthy, I simply have to force myself to spend time working out in some fashion.  At least I know that when I do take this time away from them to stay healthy, I can do it in a fun way.  Its really nice that Lisa will join me whenever she can, so its not a complete loss of time from her.

So what do you, fair reader, do to make your workout schedule work?  Do you try to make it fun, or do you just suffer through it, or is it naturally fun?  Do you work out at all?  I know most people have jobs that keep them fit, I know I did once....  In the end, I’m curious, because maybe you know an app or a website that is better than the two I mentioned, if so, I want to hear about them!  Please comment below, because I want to know how you work out!


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