Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the Subject of Taboo

Why is Taboo so taboo? So many things in life need to be shared, yet are described as so socially unacceptable. It seems so crazy that people get ostracized to much for something that should be so common place.

Know your body, and dress accordingly. That is a mantra I wish people would take up. I’ve seen so many people, dress in spandex, then they are borderline morbidly obese. Its nasty. Yet that is not taboo, as a sexy woman showing a bit of cleavage.... A while back, I met a woman who was extremely baffled by the male lust for her breasts, when in her words, "They are just utters...."

Its an odd thing to say, but why is it so taboo for a woman to expose her top, yet a man can? I’ve seen WAY too many men without shirts that have discussed me beyond belief. Some parts of the human body should remain covered, no matter what.

In the realm of relationships I find it hilarious how rites of taboo destruction can constitute levels of a relationship. In the movie, Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human , one of the ‘levels’ are represented by a man urinating while the woman brushes her teeth. That is something humans have to do every day, yet its completely taboo. In an Asian country, I think it is Japan, women will clean the men’s bathroom while men are using the facilities. Yet here in the US, that would be OMG Taboo....

Sure, some things push the limits of social acceptance, and I fully understand the need for Taboo to be so censored, but in certain areas it is completely ignored. Most of the things kids today watch pushes the boundaries of Taboo in humorous ways, but they shouldn’t be watching it. Parents don’t seem to care, as the TV and Video Games make great baby sitters. I find it completely shameful that the youth of today watch shows like Family Guy and South Park. They definitely shouldn’t be censored or removed from the air, but parents need to take responsibility for their own children and keep them away from Taboo subjects.

In the end, I fully think the subject of taboo is a crazy one. Social acceptance is an insane subject to broach, as society at large hasn’t got all it’s act together. Laws go unenforced, and there are many laws that are completely unenforceable, they are just meant as guidelines that people refuse to follow. Society in the US is in a sad state around the subject of Taboo, it would be nice if there could be a consensus, but I know there will never be. I’ll just have to keep plodding along, shaking my head at things that shouldn’t be Taboo but are, and being horrified by things that ARE socially acceptable but make me want to loose my lunch in public....

Do you have any examples on things that are taboo, but shouldn’t be, or that should be taboo but aren’t? Besides borderline morbidly obese people in overly tight clothing?


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