Monday, August 5, 2013

Status Update of the Blog and Life 08/2013

There’s nothing like a little update on how everything’s going on the website, hopefully I can drum up a bit more interest in certain things while doing it.  We’ll see, though.  If you haven't checked it out, be sure to read the Press Release that came out on August 4th.

As of this last weekend, the 6th serial story in the Ballad of the Emerald Bard came to a close.  The next order of business in the Ballad is to rewrite the 2nd story.  Buried Secrets was a 5 part story that, I realize now, was poorly written.  Part of the grand experiment of this serial webfiction is to fix mistakes after they are published.  Its something I knew ahead of time I wanted to do, so here’s my first chance.

The story was a fun one to write, because I experimented with something major, mixing flashbacks with the ongoing narrative and tried to make them meld into the same story.  Fact is, I failed.  The story, as its written, doesn’t fully convey the weight of the present as it explores Deeya’s past.  For those of you that have read the Ballad, and keep up with it, you know that the past has been reexlpored in the Diary of Sorts.  I explored it more thoroughly in that story, so now I can go back and get rid of Deeya’s past, and focus on the revenge plot in Buried Secrets.

I will remove the entirety of Buried Secrets the Monday after the first part of the newly rewritten story goes live.  At the time I’m writing this, I don’t know if I am changing the title, but we’ll see.  The links will be redone in the story to better navigate the entire webfiction in order.

In other news, August is here, and for some reason, the local school is starting weeks earlier than last year, so we are having to scramble a bit to get her ready, but its no big deal.  As much as we’ll miss having C.J. around the house, it will be nice to have a few hours of quiet to get work done.  I suppose every stay at home parent understands that joy, where as kids still in school hate that fact.

Lisa is making a concerted effort to finish her new novel.  Its is going to be a standalone or the first in another series, but is still about vampires.  The strong narrative and really interesting characters though, make this one extremely interesting.  Yes, I know I’m biased, but this one is definitely an amazing read so far, I always like being captivated by a story in the early chapters.

My own fantasy novel is still chugging along, I still can’t believe I’m so busy with the photography and the blog and everything else I do around the house.  Luckily the fire still burns within me on the story, and I have a dire need to tell it.

And the novel Lisa and I are writing together is still alive but neglected a bit.  The adult themed vampire story, though, is still a joy to come back to when we get the chance.  The danger and eroticism contained within it is permeable.  When we start writing it, it is so very hard to stop.

So that’s the big update for August.  Novels are coming along, and the blog is still doing great, as I had a big boost in viewership making July the most viewed month ever.  If I keep going like this, I might just try to do something special for my next major milestone, or for the 2 year anniversary.  Either way, thanks for stopping by and reading!  Comment below just to say hi!

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