Monday, February 16, 2015

Free Write 05

Now that I've gone and aced my English Composition I class I've decided to share some of the selections of writing that I had to do in it.  Every Monday morning we had to pull out a sheet of paper and free write an essay over some subject or another for part of the participation grade.  Of course I didn't put dates on any of them so I don't know in what order they are, or when some of them were, but here is the last one I'm sharing.

Not sure exactly what we were asked to write about on this one, but I obviously wrote about how high school kills the joy of reading and writing, along with a great number of other things.  It was one of the basis's of my final paper.

I’m always amazed at how people do not like to write.  It seems ingrained in those fresh out of high school to hate the format or be frightened of doing it.

Does high school have this funk about it that takes innately fun things and destroy them by making them more like work?  I know I hated writing for a time, until I found out how great reading could be.

But even reading was a leap of faith after having to read the crap things I had to read in high school.  It was a chore to get through novels and essays that had no real connection to modern times or my own life.

Just listening to the groanings of a class about such a fun thing to do reminds me of a time that I would groan as well.  Maybe there is a way to unlearn the crap we learn in high school, how work is work and there is no fun to be had in an assignment.  I did it but how long did it take?  What did I do to forget the burden and only she the joy of creating?

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