Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ipsy Bag - October, 2015 "Alter Ego" - Opening

After watching many videos about a few different subscription boxes, I finally took the plunge and went with the Ipsy Glam Bag (If you sign up, be sure to tell'm LisaBonser sent you!).  And my first bag came!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally open my first Ipsy bag!

First off, the package is a bright pink bubble packet.  Normally I don’t like pink, but the fact that it is more metallic makes it quite pretty.

Ipsy, itself, is a $10.00 a month subscription bag that has makeup, skin care, nail polish, and tons more.  This is the October, 2015 bag.  I went with this bag because of the many YouTube videos of women unboxing theirs live.  Since I’m a writer, I chose to do it this way.  Anyways, let’s open this thing up and see what I got!

First things first, the card.  Every bag, like many other subscription boxes and bags out there, comes with a theme each month.  This month is “Alter Ego,” as you can see on the card.  On the back it reads, “Dare to be different.  This October, transform into whoever you want to be.  A little imagination and your Glam Bag are all you need.  Infinite possibilities, infinite ways to express yourself.”  I actually like the card, have to admit, the model definitely looks different in the two shots.  Inspiring to say the least.

Now to the Glam Bag that is mentioned on the card.  It is gold on one side, glossy black on the other.  Still going with the two sides to the same coin, I see.  Speaking off, the black zipper itself is a coin shaped charm that is labeled, “Ipsy.”  This cute bag will go great with a black purse that has gold trim, or vice versa.  Luckily, the purse I’m using currently is black with gold trim!  The Glam Bag will be perfect for me, as I’ve needed a small little bag to separate out my on-the-go makeup from the rest of my purse.

Now, get to the goodies themselves.  First up is a small cardboard box….  Not very exciting, but let’s see what’s inside that.  A small vial of roll-on perfume.  It has the words “Exotic & Spicy” written on the side.  As far as smell, it’s very nice.  It honestly reminds me of a lady who has to dress up for an occasion kind of smell.  Honestly it’s not my kind of scent, but I know exactly who to gift it to.  On the bottom of the tube is a sticker that says, in very small print, Aromachology.  After a quick Amazon search I found a full size bottle for $70.00.

The next item to pull out is…a tube of Hey Honey, Come Clean, Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub.  The label says it cleans and exfoliates for all types of skin.  Honestly, I absolutely love the smell!  I tested it out on my hand and have to say I believe I’m going to really like it.  It made my skin really soft.  Going to try this tonight on my face!  You can get a full size tube from the Hey Honey website for $23.00.  The tube I have here is a mini/trial size, but what better way to find out if you really like it?  (Oh, and a quick last minute update...this facial cleanser works AWESOMELY!  It is far better than the one I currently use and leaves my face feeling sooooo soft!  I'm gonna be ordering more of this very soon!)

The third item is…Meet Matt(e) Hughes long lasting liquid lipstick.  The color appears to be called, “Committed.”  It’s a very nice dusty rose color.  When I tried it on, it turns out to taste minty.  It wasn’t sticky and it was quite nice.  The lipstick is made by the Balm and a regular size costs $17.00 on their website that I had to do a search for.

Item number four is…a Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil.  Turns out to be a pretty nice sample.  It even has a small spoolie on the end to brush your brows.  This will be an item that comes with me in the purse for quick touch ups!  The large size sells on the Sephora website for $19.00.

The last item, pulled out at random is…Hello Lashes 5 in 1, clinically proven mascara, by IT Cosmetics.  At first I thought this was a full size, but it turns out to be the travel size.  It has a lash ball detailer with hydra-luxe technology, peptides, collagen, proteins, and jojoba.  The package says it will increase lash volume and length.  So happy to get some mascara as I’ve been needing some.  On their website, the full non-travel size is $24.00, and I found the travel size on Amazon for $10.00.  But, on the back of the box, it has a coupon code for 20% off orders of $25.00 or more, along with free shipping!  Always like my coupons!

Since this is my first Ipsy bag, I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely.  Of course I don’t have any other bags yet to compare it with, or any subscriptions, but overall I have to say that this is going to be a nice and fun way for me to contribute more content to my husband’s and my blog, so look forward to more of these in the future!

If you have any of these products, or if you have a favorite product in particular I would love to hear about it or even have a discussion!  Just drop a comment in the Disqus app below this post!


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