Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Sane Person in this Insane World

I’m almost to the point that I’m ready to kill the next person that acts so f’n stupid with their own choices that its detrimental to everyone else around them.  I mean, seriously....  This has GOT to stop.  I can’t be the ONLY sane person in this insane world.

I understand that no one really changes, especially ignorant people, but you figure they’d figure it out sooner or later.  If you shoot yourself in the foot cleaning a gun, surely you’ll remember next time to make sure its not loaded....  I mean...surely you would..... one ever seems to.  Its like watching a horror movie sometimes, you give someone sound advice, and they completely ignore it.  You then tell them that you told them so, then they go and do it again.  The fact is, life is filled with hard decisions, and how you make and handle your decisions is the measure of who you are as a person.  Its most definitely not how strong you are or anything else, its how you handle the decisions you make.

So, not making a decision, and crying about it like a baby is about the lowest you can go.  Especially if you curl up in the tub and sob.  Especially if you sob in such a way that people can hear it outside the house.  Especially when the person you are cheating with finds you, and you then tell them you can’t choose between the spouse that belittles you and hates you and the person that wants to comfort you while you are crying....

There are people that would rather starve than chose a meal....  Can making a decision really be that hard?  Especially if one choice is: Take the chance to get a college degree while finishing high school, or focus on highschool, then worry about college.  At least I know a couple of guys that have made that choice, one way or the other, but yeah....

Maybe I’m the crazy one, able to make decisions definitively and live with my choices.  I knew I was in love with Lisa from VERY early on, and made the choice to not rush it all.  Though we did move very fast, we both know that we did not rush it, and we love the decision we both made, even if Lisa still makes fun of me for not wanting to rush....  Meanie....

As of now, I feel like I am truly the ONLY sane person in this world besides Lisa.  Between people trying furiously to force emotional turmoil on us, or giving us gossip about family members we would rather see burn than hear about, or just people flat out fighting against bettering themselves, its hard to not snap.  I’m sick of people using Lisa’s niceness to break her down, and I’m truly sick of laziness.

I often wonder how much more I can take, how much more of this lunacy all around I can fully withstand.  I thank many a deity for bringing Lisa and I together, because all this mess is coming from all angles, and without each other, I fear we’d have both gone nuts by now.  Hopefully we can just escape someday, because there are far better places, and far better ways, to live than in this insane asylum place.

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