Monday, May 13, 2013

The Equal Rights of the Upper Body

I’ve never truly known how to broach this subject, because being a male, this comes off somewhat self serving.  But honestly, I’m sick of seeing double standards in society.  There are a few blogs that cover this topic, but I’m me, and I want to know, why am I forced to see a nasty, fat man’s bare chest in public, but its illegal for a woman to go topless?

In the end, I’m arguing the other side, because honestly, I DO NOT WANT to see a topless man.  90% of the time, what I see out being shown is disgusting.  I can’t believe they are allowed to show THAT in public.  Especially when a woman can’t.

Yes, there definitely are a ton of women I wouldn’t want to see topless either.  Part of me kinda wishes the law was for everyone to cover up, but whatever.  I know that I choose not to go topless in public, not because I’m ashamed of what I keep covered, but mainly because I don’t want to offend anyone the way I’m offended.

But, this is obviously not about what offends me, its about the double standard.  And honestly, this subject is far deeper than simple boobs.  It’s the fact that there is such a taboo and hyper sexualization now-a-days.

We are taught, from a VERY young age, that parts of the human body are ‘bad’ and to hide them.  “Private” parts we call them.  And for some reason women have ‘more’ ‘private’ parts than men.  Which is, yet again, another double standard.

In some parts of the Muslim world, women can only show their eyes, walking around all day in a black outfit that has to be hot as hell.  Why do they do this?  Well, the religious texts suggest that it’s a sin for them to be seen, because a man will fall in love with her charms, and that’s against the rules.

In essence, the more I read, the more that suggests that women HAVE to cover up, because men will rape them if they show too much.  Suddenly I’m reminded of recent public battles where a woman was raped because of how she was dressed.  Notice that its phrased that way, its her fault....  Not the man’s fault for not being able to control himself.

Is this truly the issue at hand?  That men aren’t responsible for their own actions because they can’t control themselves?  That’s almost like saying that it’s the gun’s fault for shooting someone....

The one thing that is certain, is that the whole subject is a backward’s argument.  There is no winning to it, and if you look into it, and read the comments of other blogs, you’ll see that a good percentage of the commenters make boob jokes.

Part of me worries about this quite a bit, because I think this is a huge issue with society that needs honestly looked at, especially from the point of the male psyche.  I personally think society, as a whole, needs to make the decision, are women JUST sexual objects, or are they human beings, the same as men?  Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how I answer, because after living in different parts of human society, I already know how most men will answer.  A damn shame....  Because I’m sick to death of double standards everywhere I turn.

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