Monday, January 5, 2015

The end of 2014, and the beginning of 2015

Another year, come and gone.  Doesn’t seem like its been so many, but I’ve almost witness forty of them.  So many ups and downs; rights, lefts, and wrongs; and everything in between.  The year of 2014 is hard to sum up in words.  It was a roller coaster to say the least.  I took a break from the blog, landed a job, and Lisa and I started working.

But the job never truly panned out.  We could never get enough hours to truly make it worth it, and when we did work, it was completely nuts.  We had a horrible boss and iffy coworkers.  There were many times we both almost quit, but we stuck through it.  Sometime towards summer though, two things changed....

We got a new boss, transferred areas, and started all over with a great crew and good bosses.  Not sure how it all turned out, but we got a few more hours for a little while.  But the main thing is, we went to the federal aid website and filled out what we needed to fill out to try to go back to school....

That was beyond a whirlwind.  Getting transcripts from twenty years ago, working the system as best we could to get in, and somehow, we got in for the fall....  Northeastern State University.  Amazing college, amazing campus.  We started school and dropped the job, since the job simply stopped working us.

We needed the money, but it wasn’t to be had.  Sadly we enter 2015 in much the same financial straights we did when we entered 2014....  Oh well, we’re still workin’ it.

College was an amazing experience this time around.  Going into it with the mind set that we have now, decades of trying to make ends meet through all the subservient working for whomever will makes you appreciate knowledge.  It makes you work harder than you thought you could.  It makes you crave what is to come.

At NSU, we’ve made tons of friends, and though many of them graduated, we look forward to making more and strengthening the friendships we’ve already made.  Its amazing to think that I’m married to my college sweetheart....

The holidays were horrible as we spent way too much money, but that’s just one of many things we’ve stepped back and realized about our lives.  We truly enjoy it all, but we’ve got to stop spending so much.  So for 2015 we’re going to try a new budgeting technique.  Hopefully it will work.

Also for 2015, I’ve dedicated myself to hit the gym every day after class for an hour.  I’m not in the worst shape of my life, but I’ve fallen back dangerously close to it again.  Everything is so much harder when you’re overweight and weak.  I can see why its so easy to fall into a depression, but I can’t afford to, I am finding myself more and more motivated every day to work my way out of this hole....  I want to be able to experience the world first hand, not resting from a bench....

Tragedy finally visited my family in 2014.  I can’t go into too much detail, but someone close to me, after fighting off pneumonia with a miracle, developed cancer.  After fighting it and beating came right back with a vengeance.  Two miracles kept them with us, a third will have to happen to them through 2015.  As bad as 2014 was for this illness, 2015 threatens to be worst.

But that’s how time works, in its slow march forward, loved ones leave.

But 2015 also holds so much more, my second semester at NSU, followed by the summer, and the third semester.  During the third semester, my stepdaughter will join us in college.  The future is so very bright.

Over the holidays I also ordered the stuff I need to matte and frame six prints I ordered.  The pictures themselves are gorgeous.  A friend in college is going to open up a consignment art gallery, and I’m going to be in it.  I’m finally taking the steps I need to take to sell my photography.

In many ways, I feel Lisa and I are standing on the precipice of our future.  2014 got us to the ledge, and now we are in the beginning of the journey that will take us to the end out our lives.

Needless to say, A Brainless Nod is still alive.  I’ll keep updating it when I can throughout the year.  I have to say, even though I’ve neglected it in 2014, it is still very much a part of my life, and will continue to be so, for a very long time.  I hope all my readers have a wonderful 2015, I know I will make the most out of it all.

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