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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Joy of Homemade Bread

There’s something wonderful about doing nice things for people that could use some nice things done for them.  Recently, I started making my bread homemade by hand.  It tastes better, lasts longer, and is just plain awesome when you get down to it.  Especially considering how honestly easy it is to make....

Cooking and baking are crazy little things, so many things can go wrong, and frankly people are just afraid or lazy about the prospect.  I don’t really blame them, I’ve always been kind of scared to make my own bread, when its already decently cheap from the store.  I guess that changed when I first ate at Panera Bread.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great Pizza Experiment

The first time I ever tried a homemade pizza, at least the first one I remember, wasn’t that good.  I don’t remember much about it, just that it was pretty awful.  From then on, as I kept seeing how cheap pizzas were, I never understood why someone would go through the trouble to make one at home when they were so cheap.

But then came the Indian Commodities, and tons of flour.  And I mean OMG amounts of flour.  Making my own bread was the first obvious step.  And wow, what a step.  Making bread was far simpler than I had imagined, and there are billions of different recipes online.  After finding out which exact recipe I loved, and what made the other recipes not so good, I wondered what I’d make next.

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