Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rivers of Inspiration in our Home

There’s something rather insane about living in this house.  Mainly...its the people in it.  Everyone in this house is a artist of some sort.  It makes the conversations interesting, with never a dull moment to be had anywhere....

One of the main things that attracted me to Lisa was her being a published author.  Not a self-published mind you, a real published author.  You can see her books over on the right hand column.  They are quite imaginative, and an interesting read.

In the end, she’s artistic in many other fashions as well.  Her mind constantly needs to be occupied, so she’ll even pick up some crochet needles or a paint canvas and go to town for awhile.  She compliments me perfectly when we write together, because she can answer questions easily and quickly about any form of fictional anything.  And when she gets her mind set, so does a good plot....

The step-daughter is an amazing artist.  Her drawings, paintings, charcoal sketches, and craziness has come a very long way in the past couple of years.  She’s starting to learn what’s out there for artistic, creative people, and learning how to make art outside of her comfort zone.

Beyond that, she has a passion for music that lays more or less untapped because of the lack of musical education in the area.  She struggles with trying to learn the guitar and wanting to sing.  Sure people can learn on their own, but she grew up without an overload of structure so she’s rather undisciplined.

Luckily, that kind of thing can be a positive, as she can’t get burned out of anything when she works at her own speed.  Its amazing to watch her push herself a bit, and expand as an artist.  With her song writing and art book in hand, she’s going to have a very interesting and creative life if she can handle life the way it is.

I guess the next person to talk about is myself, since I am the other person in the house.  You already read the blog, but have you checked out the poetry and the serial webfiction?  How about stopping my website for Emerald Reflection my photography business?  Fact is, I don’t know where my creative inspiration will stop.

Between all my writing and photography, I enjoy conversation, roleplay, and discussing plot lines and crazy ideas.  My creativity allows me to join just about any conversation on any topic.  Its quite amazing being able to puzzle out some of the mysteries of the universe, even if I don’t understand the math right off.

And that’s the house hold.  I look around at all this, and can’t help but feel inspired at all this creative energy.  It flows like a river down the hall.  How could I have ever been happier than now?  My life has a beauty all its own, and I can’t believe my life is truly this amazing now.

And I’m extremely happy I get to share all this inspiration and creativity with you, my readers!  This is a wonderful outlet, and I can’t wait to continue sharing, because, trust me, there’s enough here to go around....

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