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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Ominousness of Death

The light of today is a bit dimmer this time around as a particular light switch in my life has been turned off.  My future though, still approaches at a frantic pace, so to the future my eyes will remain.  But never think for a moment that I did not notice the flicker and the diminished brightness of my life.  Goodbye, mom, and may your soul rest in peace now that it no longer has to hold up the pain that the end of your life showed you.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Parent's Performance

George Carlin once said:
“obedience and respect shouldn't be automatic. They should be earned, and based on the parent's performance. Some parents deserve respect, most of them don't, period.”
I’ve always lived by that quote, because I’ve seen way too many parents who simply just don’t deserve the respect they think they should be getting, and I’ve seen some parents get say more respect than they deserve.

It’s a truly sad fact of life, but some parents just aren’t good parents.  Luckily, somehow, I got two great parents.  In their own way, they’ve been the two people I could count on to give me the support I needed, when I needed it.  And sometimes they’ve tried to help me too much, and I’ve had to tell them no.

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