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Friday, November 1, 2013

(poem) - We Lost Halloween Because of You

Halloween is over
And all the spooks have won
We didn’t scare away the undead
And now are overrun

Whatever shall we do?
Are we all going to die?
The dead have risen
Every thing has gone arry

All because of you ladies
Dressing up all sexy
Sure, I like seeing cleavage
But it is in no way scary

Because of your unbridled beauty
We now all have to pay
I’m sorry you didn’t realize
Halloween is about scaring the spooks away

As the last of humanity
Hides in holes around the world
Eating on the candy
From our trick or treat spoils

We might think fondly
Upon your wig’s pretty curls
Or upon your sexy body
Which was practically unfurled

I truly hope you take comfort
As the ghosts roll unchecked across then land
That we all got a great view
Of your scantily clad rear end

You thought it was all about fantasy
So you dressed up as the sexy cop
The Eve of All Hallows has passed
And dead bodies rise instead of drop

But the worst part about it all
Besides all the dying, dread, and fear
Is that we won’t be able to see
What you dress up as next year....


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

I love Halloween.  I always have, even though I was always more or less disappointed by it in my youth.  Its truly something special, now that its far beyond its roots of scaring away the dead, and is all about dressing up as something, or someone you aren’t.

Sure, most women chose to dress up sexy, but in the end, who doesn’t WANT to feel alittle sexy?  Especially when its all just in fun.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Something is Wrong With the World

There’s something truly amazing about fall, though this year, its been a bit...odd.  There were several things earlier in the year that showed the world that nature was a bit off.

It snowed in May here.  That’s beyond crazy that it would happen.  Immediately after, though, we started seeing some really odd things.  Mom was quick to report that all the summer flowers bloomed at once.  Here we noticed that some of the trees seemed to not understand what was going on, one particular tree that blooms in the spring bloomed 3 times over the summer....

Friday, October 25, 2013

(poem) - All Hallows Eve Approaches

My dreams are haunted as of late
I have needs I need to satiate

The thirty first of October comes
Looming across many horizons

The drums of the day, beat within my head
Telling me of who shall return from the dead

To haunt the waking world outside
And who it is with which I will ride

The sands of time fall through the hole
And pile up like dunes in the bowl

Everything around us will eventually turn to dust
Scattered by the wind which forgets our petty lust

Ghosts from the future along with those from the past
Will come on All Hallows Eve to make it our last

But we will dress up as demons and freaks
To scare them away from that which they seek

Ultimate destruction will in no way be theirs
For even the dead have hysterical fears

At the end of the night, as dawn breaks in the East
We raise our glass and prepare for Thanksgiving’s feast

But only if the Great Pumpkin doesn’t arise and devour....
Hopefully Linus van Pelt will keep that covered

So my friends, as I awaken
I can look at these haunted dreams of mine

And realize the greatest truth of all
That Halloween is the greatest holiday of them all

For it’s the only one that we have to struggle to survive
The rest are all gifts, love, and lies

But All Hallows Eve is a test to the living
And makes you appreciate life without the gift giving

Because if you make it to the Day of All Saints
Then you shall have a bucket of Candy and nary a single complaint


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Start of the Descent into Winter.

All Hallows Eve.  I still have yet to find refutable proof that Halloween is not the only holiday left that has not been perverted by Christians.  I know, I know, such a horrible thing to say, but seriously think about it alittle bit.

Every major holiday, around the world, that’s celebrated in multiple countries, normally has a religious influence.  Admittedly my range of holidays is mainly in the US, but I know that Christmas is celebrated all over.  I always find it funny to think that it was once Yule, a celebration of pretty much being half way through winter, and getting closer to being out of the darkness and cold.  In most places, long before Christ, it was a time for family to come together and share what they had, especially warmth.

Friday, October 12, 2012

(poem) - Autumn's Thrall

Fall has struck
With a resounding bell
And oh....
How it doth make my heart swell

The cold of the day
The chill of the night
The trees turning color
Is Autumn’s delight

Every summer I long to feel
The cold tendrils in my hair
Or sharing body heat
Deep within our lair

There is no doubt
This is my favorite time
For I have wrote about it
Line after line

I never get tired of
The darkened grey skies
No matter how depressing
To not actually see the sun rise

All Hallows Eve
Is just around the corner
Full of spirits and ghouls
Which makes me ponder

On life’s great existence
On all life’s fun
I want to jump in a pile of dried leaves
After a short run

The smell of decay
Lingers in the air
But it is an aromatic scent
A potpourri fanfare

Yet the worst will come
Winter at its best
Eventual it will creep in
This I can attest

So enjoy Autumn
While you can
For before long
It will be Christmas yet again

And people will be filled
With Greed and Kindness
And all the stores
Will become pockets of stress

But that is far away
For now it is Fall
And I will enjoy this season
For I am Autumn’s thrall.


--Want more Poetry?  Check out my Poetry Collection Page!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Halloween is starting to arrive, and its so wonderful. I love the fall, I always have. The smell in the air, the beauty of the trees losing their foliage, and All Hallows Eve. The chill in the air, which takes away the oppressiveness of the heat of summer.

There is also something wonderful about the items in the shops, the fun of dressing up, and the traveling around to see neighbors, you typically disregard, as they hand out candy. It just seems that this holiday is the only time community truly comes together to have good fun.

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