Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Great Love

I love random acts of love.  I’m sure most people would simply say we are still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase, but after a year, we are still very much enamored with each other.  There’s nothing quite like sitting here, concentrating on something, then BOOM, being drawn into a kiss.

Much of my poetry of late has been very mushy, and romantic, and centered on Lisa.  The reason is pretty obvious, as I’ve never been so happy.  Finally finding someone that understands me, in her own odd way, has been the greatest gift ever.

We actually sit back and discuss other relationships, and wonder how they operate with less love than we have.  Part of me supposes that we’ll experience some kind of ‘cooling’ but there’s no sign of that happening.  We still enjoy each other immensely and enjoy many of the same things.

There has been nothing ‘new’ for sometime, and I’m fine with that, I enjoy how we feel like we’ve known each other forever, and that we already know each other so well.  I know that I can introduce her to a new movie I love, she’ll profess that she’s going to hate it, then love it, but still tell everyone she didn’t.  She will always try to be right about that, sometimes she will be, but most times, she’ll just put on an irked display, because she wants to feel hurt, but doesn’t.

The only thing that slows us down, ever, is illness, which luckily isn’t that frequent.  But oddly, it just makes us change gears fluidly and continue the same affection, just in a different way.  I actually found someone who wants to be cared for the same way I do when I’m sick.  It makes things much easier.

In the end, as I sit back and revel in the attention, its hard not to notice the repetition, but its also hard not to notice, that the repetition isn’t getting old.  Its an endearing statement that resonates through our lives together.  It’s a comfortably beautiful display, our connection, and I wonder daily, how I made it without her before.

So, I’m in love, big deal, right?  Well, it is to me, and honestly, Lisa and I talk about it constantly, how we wish this feeling on everyone on the world.  The world would be such a better place, having experienced such an engulfing emotion.  Sure, it may be a mushy sentiment, but for the first time in my life, I understand what it is to fully believe in Love.

I have a partner I can completely trust, a lover that satisfies me completely, and a friend to share all of my life with.  Couple that with my gaining a family....  I honestly had given up on ever having a family, but now...yeah, my life is complete, and I am truly happy.  I am amazed, in awe, inspired, and truly feel as beautiful as she says I am....

So, are you in love?  Have you ever been?  Did it live up to expectations, or did it surpass them?  Comment below because I’d love to have a discussion!  Trust me, I went through a few duds before finding ‘the one’ and it took awhile, as I’m now 36 years of age....  So leave a comment, I want to know what you think of Love!


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